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11-11-06, 10:08 am
I have had the loss of two of my beloved little buddies. Sadie, my rat, passed away a few days ago. She appeared to have a tumor growing in her abdomen. She began getting very slim despite good food and eventually started seizing. I kept her alive for a good 3 days by giving her baby food and water via syringe. She eventually died in her sleep at the age of 5 1/2. R.I.P. Sadie girl.

Also, my sweetheart of a piggie Boo-Boo (the brown one) died yesterday. The vet and I had been treating him for some respiratory issues. He was a c-section baby and has had issues with his lungs ever since he was born, so I knew this was pretty much inevitable. He wasn't responding very well to his antibiotics and I found him laying in his favorite hiding spot yesterday. He was such a sweetheart, I wish I could have helped him more.

11-11-06, 10:41 am
So sorry to hear about Sadie and Boo-Boo. RIP little ones.

11-11-06, 11:05 pm
I'm sorry about your loss. Two in a row must be tough.

11-12-06, 09:38 pm
I'm so sorry for your losses! You were a good parent!

11-13-06, 09:22 am
I am so sorry. I lost my pig this morning, so I know how hard it is. It sounds like you gave your pig a wonderful life.