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11-09-06, 01:24 pm
My Cream agouti, Rosie, passed away today.
I noticed on Tuesday that she wasn't eating her vegetables and made an appointment at the Cambridge Cavy Trust for Wednesday. Vedra said nothing was wrong with her teeth and all that she was wrong with her was she was wheezing when she put a stethoscope onto her chest. Vedra said that it was just a sore throat. Well today I got home from school to find Rosie dead. I feel let down by the CCT for not seeing what was wrong with her, because surely a sore throat couldn't kill her.:ashamed: But I know it is hard sometimes to tell what is wrong.

Rest in peace bubby. I will truly miss you xxx

piggly wiggly
11-09-06, 05:12 pm
I am so sorry, It is strange the vet would say it's a sore throat, how would they know it's sore for the piggy. RIP Rosie.

11-09-06, 05:33 pm
I'm so sorry. Wheezing can indicate either a heart problem or a URI. I'm surprised she wasn't prescribed any meds to be sure.

11-10-06, 10:48 am
Thank you for your replies.

Well Vedra did forget that I had an appointment because her house was all locked up and dark... and it felt like she quickly looked at Rosie. She didn't spend lot of time at all, and just sent us home to get Daktarin and Sudafed from the chemist.

11-10-06, 11:49 am
I am sorry to hear your sad news. Rest in Peace Rosie.

11-11-06, 01:55 pm
Poor Rosie. :( I'm sorry for your loss.

11-11-06, 11:03 pm
Sorry you had to part with your Rosie. Sounds like a tough thing to go through thinking that she could have been saved.

11-12-06, 01:30 pm
Rest in peace Rosie.

lynn's Cavies
11-12-06, 01:44 pm
I'm so sorry for your loss. It is possible she may have had congestive heart failure. I know that doesn't help now. I only hope that you will be able to remember all your memories with her without feeling such pain in the future.

Take care,

11-14-06, 02:31 am
She was a very beautiful girl. RIP Rosie.