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08-21-04, 11:31 am
Hi everyone,
I have found such good help with my guinea pigs here and hoping I can find some help for my rabbit. I have had my new rabbit, Bonbon, for about a month now and seems like I am doing everything wrong. For starters I know he is in a cage way too small, and is currently on wood shavings, very few just in the corner where he goes. We are currently treating a bad upper respiratory infection I think due to the shavings, so they really need to go. I'm going to make him a new cage as soon as I can get out to get some cubes. I would like to get rid of the bedding and put in a litter box with that paper bedding but not sure what to put down for the rest of the floor. I would like to put down some carpet like I have seen, but afraid he'll pull it up and since he's not really litter trained I don't want to secure it down so I can't wash it. Any suggestions?

08-21-04, 01:20 pm
You might be able to use fleece for the bedding, so just in case he goes there won't be much problem washing it. =)

08-21-04, 01:29 pm
Newspapers work great on the floors, and a lot of rabbits like to shred it. Once he is litter trained you can try carpet, but if he injests any you have to take it away. I have newspaper on the bottom level and carpet on the upper levels of my rabbit's condo. The only safe wood shavings for rabbits is aspen. Pine is very harmful and will cause respitory and liver damage. Is your rabbit neutered?

08-21-04, 01:47 pm
No he's not, actually not even sure it'a a boy. I have been trying to locate a good vet in the area without much luck. He is really good about urinating in one spot but tends to leave little pebbles about his cage. I guess I'll give the newspaper a go until he's litter trained then try some carpet. I'll probably have more trouble with him chewing the papers than chewing carpet as he loves paper. He has a litle blankie tent in his cage now and pretty well leaves it alone. Thanks for the help.

08-22-04, 08:00 am
Here is a link about why spaying/neutering is so important: http://rabbit.org/faq/sections/spay-neuter.html

Here is a list of rabbit vets: http://rabbit.org/care/vets.html

If you can't find a vet near you try calling a nearby rabbit or guinea pig rescue and ask them.

If you haven't already visit http://rabbit.org , It is the BEST rabbit website and has tons of info.

08-22-04, 10:50 am
For my cages i use all Carefresh cause even when you think their 100% trained they still Leave you some coco pebbles lol everywhere.I used to use I dont even reemmber the name of the litter but mine wouldnt go into it.So now i use Carefresh for the bedding and just ripped up newspaper for the litter box.Yea Rabbit.org is probably the greatest site for bunnies :) Go to it.

08-22-04, 10:54 am
Thanks for the info. I do plan on having him/her neutered/spayed. Not only for the healt benefits but with two small kids I don't need a hormonal bunny.I live in such a small area that any vets on the list are hours away and I don't believe we have any guinea pig or rabbit rescues nearby. I have been trying to speak to my local vet to see if they can do it or give me a recomendation but everytime i visit only one I can talk to is the large animal vet. Will keep trying though to find someone who can do it.

08-28-04, 09:41 pm
I have two bunnies and they have woven cotton rugs in the center of their cage (around $4 from wal-mart) with littler boxes in two corners and mats from” for other living things” (http://www.forotherlivingthings.com/ (http://www.forotherlivingthings.com/)) in the other two corners. http://www.cavycages.com/photos/data/531/578emmit_lila2.JPG