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11-02-06, 12:56 pm
Anyone from Scandinavia using fleece for bedding? I've tried a couple of times, but I'm really not satisfied. I use one layer of fleece and lots of newspaper right under, but the fleece don't seem to absorb urin very well. I've also tried washing the fleece a couple of times, but that doesn't help either...

Maybe the fleece here in Norway/Scandinavia isn't the same type as you use in US?

Slave to the Wheek
11-02-06, 01:55 pm
Fleece comes in hundreds of varieties so its important that you find a fleece that is designed to wick away moisture, rather than repel it as most fleece is.

Fleece material that wicks away moisture are used for linings of jackets, as well as diapers. Deep thick piled types are usually unsuccessful as the urine sits on top, while the poop gets dragged around an its an awful mess.

Fleece is not supposed to ABSORB the urine. I think that may be your problem. It's supposed to wick away the moisture DOWN into an absorbant layer underneath. Some people use something as simple as a double thickness of towels, THEN the newspaper. My personal favorite is quilt batting under the fleece, then a towel under that. The more absorbant layers you have, the more time it has to DRY and that is the key. To get the urine to dry out quickly to avoid any wetness of any kind. The fleece is there so that they have something DRY to walk on while the urine dries underneath. I hope that makes sense.

For example, even after a week my fleece is dry when I remove it to be cleaned. I only remove it because even dry old urine gets stinky so it has to be washed. At any given time, my pigs fleece only has one or two tiny inch wet spots on it. By the time they pee again, the others are dry.

It's pretty much something you have to experiment with. I simply purchased small 4 inch swatches of several types of fleece, took them home, washed them in hot water and tested them with water. It's really obvious when you find the right type, as the water literally drains through it instantly. Some fleece that doesn't wick as well as others can be used if you work with to find a way to keep it dry.

There are tons of things people have used for the absorbancy layer. Everything from towels to crib pads, mattress pads, nursing hospital bed pads, disposable bed pads, puppy pads etc...

Cage size is an important factor as well. If your cage is small for the amount of pigs in it, no matter what you do, fleece won't work.

11-02-06, 02:14 pm
Sorry, what I really meant was "wick away", not absorb...

The problem I have is that the urin stays on top of the blanket, instead of draining down to the newspapers/towels underneath. I guess I bought the wrong kind of fleece...?

I was hoping to get a tip about where to get the right kind of fleece here in Scandinavia. I've tried asking in a couple stores about different kinds of fleece, but they had no idea...

Slave to the Wheek
11-02-06, 03:23 pm
We have the same problem here. We all just experiment. People in fabric stores in my area have ZERO knowledge about fabric as our fabric stores are mostly craft stores. Really. If you need to know more about fleece you can search the web. There is a lot of info on this site: Diaper Fabric - Cloth Diaper Fabric (http://www.zany-zebra.com/diaper-fabric.shtml) that can get you started.

If you scroll down to the green microfiber sample, that is what mine kinda looks like.

I just went to a store that carried fabrics, picked out a couple of fleece types that looked like they would work and tested them at home. Luckily I found a couple samples that worked for me.

The best one was this one:
48'' Scroll Silhouette Fleece No Sew Throw (http://www.joann.com/catalog.jhtml?CATID=95062&PRODID=114490&source=search)
which was a super cheapie fleece blanket kit. It came with two sheets of fleece.

The best kind is usually the cheapest, it's sometimes very lightweight so you just use two layers. If you ask for microfleece it's more expensive and it usually has baby designs on it because it's used for diapers. That is supposed to be the best, but personally, I found that the kind I use is called "alpine fleece" as the brand name, but there are hundreds.

If you drop water onto your fleece and it isn't absorbed instantly, try moving the fabric. If it absorbs into the fabric right away you can work with it. If it just rolls around like mercury or liquid silver, your better off going back to the drawing board. Save that piece of fabric for some cozy cups or something.

Many people find inexpensive fleece throw blankets at discount stores and find they work well.

11-03-06, 04:48 am
Ok, I just have to keep looking then...

Isn't there any scandinavians here that use fleece for bedding though??

11-05-06, 03:57 pm
Hej Anja !

Yes, I am using fleece for bedding and I have bought a blanket from Ikea, and one from Ö&B and another brand from Ica.
All were cheap.

But I am using Toa Lätt kattströ / Remiss Majsan kattströ - ( a papper pellet product that is great in absorbing urine) beneth the fleece blanket .

About the washing: it has to be washed and dryed 4 to 5 times befor using for the first time to let the urine pass ALSO do NOT use any fabric softener / sköljmedel as that actually make a barrier that will not let through the urine !

I have cut my fleece blankets into pieces so ig that I can fold around the beneth bedding so that they can't get to it most of the time...

To make a softer place for them to lay on I put down a towel or a smaller piece of fleece. I shift the fleece every other day and the beneth bedding every 6th day - enough for my 2 girls just now.

My girls love having a clean cage and are popcorning when they are back in it....lol

Susanne in Sweden

11-06-06, 08:53 am
Hello Susanne!

What does the blanket you bought in Ikea look like, or what is it called? I guess the Ikea-products are the same in Norway as in Sweden.

11-06-06, 09:08 am
Hej Anja !

it is called Irma and is lightblue link to online store Ikea Sverige:
IKEA | hem | Textil & mattor | Kuddar & plädar | Plädar | IRMA Pläd (http://www.ikea.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?topcategoryId=15594&catalogId=10103&storeId=2&productId=32131&langId=-11&categoryId=15849&chosenPartNumber=00070489)

It is the cheapest one they have and it has been great so far for me.lol

they have several more blankets and pillows and stuff .

Both the girls and I are happy with fleece bedding.


11-06-06, 09:14 am
Great, thanks for the tip :)

11-06-06, 09:19 am
I am glad I could help you out !:silly:

Fleece also are used in baby blankets ( should be 100% Polyester) and in pillow cases and much other stuff.