View Full Version : Piggies and toilets?

10-31-06, 02:00 am
I'm brand new to having guinea pigs... this site has been so great. But i have a question about litter boxes for the guines. Do they use it if its in there? I have placed a bedding by Kaytee, (these little paper balls) all over the bottom of their c&c cage. There little poops are everywhere. I'm just wondering if I put a littler pan in there if they will want to use that. Any advise will be much appreciated.

10-31-06, 02:13 am
As far as litter pan training, you won't stop the pigs from pooping all over. It's basically just for peeing in and some pigs will train themselves to use a litter pan for peeing and some won't. If you want to try it, get a pan and put some pee soiled litter in it.

Moving this to "About Cages" as it's more a cage related question than a regular pig question.