View Full Version : Cavy rescues on Vancouver Island?

10-28-06, 04:27 pm
I would like to know if anyone knows if thay are any cavy rescues on Vancouver island; Port Alberni area (Nanimo (sp?) Coombs, Qulicum, Parksville ., ect)

This would be great help!


10-28-06, 06:43 pm
You might want to contact SARS BC: Home (http://www.smallanimalrescue.org/)
They seem to have animals all over the province, and at least some rabbits in Nanaimo, so maybe guinea pigs too.

The Nanaimo SPCA has guinea pigs too: Nanaimo SPCA Available Pets (http://www.spca.bc.ca/Nanaimo/petsavailable.htm)