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10-26-06, 05:27 pm
I have 3 piggies and we want to build a new big cage within a 1m by 0,5 meter space (building up) and we want to store our guinea pig stuff such as foods and bedding etc underneath it and make a way on the lowest floor to let them out for floor time. How many floors would be best for the cage? I thought of doing 1 floor for each piggie + 2/3th of the lower floor extra and use 1/3th of the lower space as storage space and use ramps between the floors to get up or down.


I can't seem to get coroplast or cubes here (too expensive to ship), so I was thinking of using wood and chickenwire as building material and use the entire front area of te cage to make doors, Each floor could have 2 doors so that we can easily reach the piggies and use 3 smaller doors at the bottom (one for storage) and I was also thinking of using a system where I could slide out the floors and dump the dirty bedding in the garbage bag and slide them back in with ease. But what would be the best floormaterial to use in the sliding system instead of coroplast? I live in the netherlands and I know about vikuprop but I can't seem to get any and I know about linoleum, has anyone got experience with other materials? If you live in the netherlands or near it: what major building and do-it-yourselve shops did you get your stuff at (beside sign makers) also would the structure be strong enough to have chickenwire on all sides of the cage and wooden edges + floors and the sliding system or would that be to heavy? would it be better to make the back of the cage entirely out of wood? we also want to leave open the ceiling of the very top floor for extra light.

Other fun options:

Since guinea pigs like changes and a steady structure is hard to change, I was thinking of building within the structure a way to make extra levels within the floors and to make it easy to get them out and place them differently or perhaps make several wooden walls and use a puzzle system to create any kind of house we want, like make walls with a door and make some with a window and make others just all wood and then put them together like a puzzle or with clips of some sort. Use those as extra levels as well?

Let me know what you think of the plan and if you have any ideas,tips or improvements you could think of to make it piggy paradise.

10-27-06, 07:23 am
Buffy, I can't help you at all with the materials thing. I would also put a post just about alternative materials in the other country section and see who might answer.

I am a bit confused about the cage. I get it, but it sounds as if you have 3 pigs who live separately. Is that why you want 3 levels? I am here to tell you that there are a few who have multi-level cages and still don't regret them. I hated mine and CCC has been living with the cage cleaning day dread for a year and has just now finally been able to redesign and make a much more human friendly cage.

We have built 4 or 5 different cages over the past year and finally got back to basics. I mean an appropriate size cage with a 1 x level at the top for kitchen and potty. I had a 2 x second level once and it made cleaning the bottom level a nightmare. I had to make my cubes so I could open them and lay my upper body down in the cage to get to the back corners.

Remember (this is if all the pigs can live together) that the bottom of the cage is what counts for sq.meter. The front home page says 76 x 157cm is what the minimum for 3 pigs is.

I wish I was more help. Sorry.

OH! NO chicken wire YES hardware cloth. Galvanized Hardware Cloth (http://www.marcospecialtysteel.com/hardwarecloth.htm)

10-27-06, 12:41 pm
Thank you for the tips! Yes i kind of ment the galvanized hardware Cloth.

The thing with our pigs is that they get to run around free in the hallway almost all the time. They can range free as they please, the cage would just be as sleeping place and only gets closed if we leave for longer times and that we cant supervise them. Which is rare so it doesn't have to be the size of the hallway basicaly. As they get tons of exersize daily.