View Full Version : Best way to bend grids?!

10-24-06, 07:24 pm
I want to bend the grid to make a cool multi-level ramp. Whats the best way to bend those little things!?!? AH! I'm just not strong enough on my own :weepy:

10-24-06, 09:36 pm
I usually just stand on one side and pull the other towards me, that usually works really well.

10-24-06, 10:21 pm
Yep, standg on it works best. It helps if you wear shoes, otherwise it hurts your feet!

10-24-06, 10:37 pm
I lay the grid on the floor, put a two by four or similar piece of wood on it where I want it to bend. I stand on each end of the wood, then just pull up on the grid. Makes nice straight bends.

10-25-06, 03:02 am
Be careful not to bend it too fast or else it'll break and be useless.

Wheek Weak
10-25-06, 10:10 am
Make sure the seam is on the top or bottom. If it's on the side, it could break when you bend it.

Sometimes the seam is hard to see. You may have to feel for it (on our grids it's right in the center of the outside edge).

Slave to the Wheek
10-25-06, 08:37 pm
You can just put it on the edge of the counter and push down. I get a nice sharp angled, straight side this way.