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10-11-06, 10:50 pm
At least dead to the world.

How relaxed, content and safe must a rabbit feel to sleep like this and scare the wits
out of his humans when they look down from their computer and see him like this?




For anyone wondering Tchoupitoulas is quite alive and currently
having the zoomies all around the room, bashing into things and binkying.

10-11-06, 10:55 pm
Oh my gosh for a moment I thought the Easter Bunny was dead, but no just very comfy at your house eh? That's so cute VJ!

10-11-06, 11:11 pm
OMGosh! Too cute for words. Almost makes me want a rabbit!

10-12-06, 07:20 am
I just got a red x. I'll have to check back later, because I do want to see this comfy rabbit.

10-12-06, 07:56 am
There he is! That would have given me a heart attack seeing him like that!

10-12-06, 08:07 am
Dear lord woman you nearly gave me a heart attack!

Those pics are way cute though. My Loki sleeps like that the whole afternoon. I'm glad to see he's comfy in your home!

10-12-06, 10:17 am
Did someone say they think they almost want a rabbit?

How about this one?


Or this one?


( My fosters, almost 6 weeks old. )

10-13-06, 10:11 am
My male rabbit sleeps like that. I don't know how many times I have gone into their room and he is sound asleep. It startles me everytime. He likes to sleep with his legs up. He gets mad at me when I make sure he is ok. Silly rabbits. Cute bunnies. I hope you find good homes for them.

10-14-06, 02:30 am
HAHA!lol I have seen Riley sleep like that a few times. I'm a newbie to rabbits and the first time I saw him like that my heart almost stopped.. I woke him up.. gosh I felt guilty and really silly afterwards.

10-14-06, 02:32 am
If those had been my rabbits I would have fainted dead. :]

10-14-06, 09:25 am
Okay that was insanely cute... holy cow. If our dog didn't have such a high prey drive (silly goof) I'd be all over having a house rabbit!!! Such compliments to you that your home obviously feels safe and super comfy...

10-23-06, 08:03 am
My Ringo does that. Scares me sometimes. http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l260/JzJade/Ringo/100_2028.jpg

Cavy Chick
10-23-06, 09:06 am
I feel bad for thos poor rabbit...living in squalor like that :(


smileyface cavy
10-23-06, 02:12 pm
Oh my gosh for a moment I thought he really was dead! :yikes: But then I realized he was sleeping. How frighteningly adorable.

fashion victim
10-24-06, 12:48 am
Gaw djakarta those itsy bitsy bunnies look gorgeous... makes me want another teeny one! Tristan, the dutch baby I have, was about the size of my hand when I got him, he even tried to feed from my puppy. I'm so grateful that I found him before some other animal carried him off!

And lol I saw dead rabbit on the thread name and saw the pictures before reading anything and almost started crying! My puppy sleeps with me in the bed and sometimes I wake up and she's sleeping belly up with her paws streatched out and I think she's dead, and she scares me even more when I poke her and she doesn't move. But she's alright, she just likes to scare me!

Slap Maxwell
10-24-06, 09:49 am
My Oliver tends to do that quite a bit and has gotten me many times.


10-24-06, 10:35 am
I have a cat who did that as a kitten. Used the scare the daylights out of house guests.

Cute bunnies everyone!

fashion victim
10-24-06, 10:05 pm
My puppy just did it again! I woke up and it was dark and I looked for her and she was on her side with her eyes wide open. I couldn't see if she was breathing so I said her name... no response. I said it again and nothing, and then, slightly panicky, I called her again. Just as I was getting ready to scream/faint/die she starts wagging her tail!

10-25-06, 11:56 pm
wow nice storys every one!!!!! my kitten does that she lies flat out straight and what ever you do to her she just stays there until she givs up and starts to purr.we think she laughs at us sometimes!!!! all those cute pictures make me really love to have a house rabbit. the only problem is my parents!!!!

fashion victim
10-26-06, 11:22 am
wow nice storys every one!!!!! my kitten does that she lies flat out straight and what ever you do to her she just stays there until she givs up and starts to purr.we think she laughs at us sometimes!!!! all those cute pictures make me really love to have a house rabbit. the only problem is my parents!!!!

I rescued my rabbit from the backyard and my parents were very grumpy when I said I was going to keep him but then they couldn't resist him. Even my father, who doesn't like animals much, used to hold him in his hand and wonder at how small the bunny was.

10-27-06, 02:36 pm
Ours do this too, not pictures of it yet though.

10-30-06, 12:45 pm
Kahlua does that too. The first time I walked by her cage and saw her like that I freaked out and she woke up and gave me this look like "MOM! I was sleeping!!!"

The Magic Taco
11-04-06, 06:15 am
Too cute! Rabbits are so cute sleeping.
I hate seeing my animals lying like that and then getting that panic wondering if they're dead.
VJ, I love the names of your little friends.

Percy's Mom
11-04-06, 06:37 am
getting that panic wondering if they're dead.
I'm pretty sure the animals know we panic when we see them like that and think that it's funny.

11-04-06, 05:47 pm
I agree PM. My pigs do the same thing on the fleece. Then when I poke them to see if they wake up, the wake up and start wheeking at me. Felix will even start zooming and popcorning.

Wait, maybe it's because when I'm so glad they're alive I give them carrot bits.

11-04-06, 08:30 pm
Eddie sleeps very soundly because he's deaf and can't hear me coming. He will scare me sometimes, I'l poke him and he'll slowly open his eyes with the "mad face" for waking him up, then see me and be like "Whoa! It's the face!" and run away. After feeling safe, you'll usually see him peak around the corner to see if I brought him any treats. Silly pig.

11-10-06, 04:01 pm
I wish I had my camera. I have a dwarf hotot in REM sleep right now. They also like to do the bunny flop which seems to be a new way of scaring me.

11-10-06, 05:06 pm
-I almost had a heart attack at the first view of that picture.....I think it is back in it's normal rhythm now....can't be too sure....
Those babies are so cute, I wish I wasn't allgeric to them.

11-11-06, 03:30 pm
Wow... What a shocking picture. If you didn't know it he would look dead to me. Both my cats and dogs sleep that soundly at times that I am not sure if they are still breathing. But of course you tap a can of food or open the dog food container they are up and at em.

Cavie Cove
11-11-06, 04:06 pm
Scarlet gave me that fright yesterday. She was spayed on Thursday and was uncomfy on Friday and I was watching her then went to get her some food came back and she was on her back eyes shut tight and I just though "shes died"
Luckily it was the only way she could get comfy and shes now back to normal thankgoodness.
I dont think she would have stayed like that long enough to get the camera though!