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10-10-06, 04:24 pm
Anyone found stores that sell these.. I tried Walmart already, and they don't have them here, or any as far as I can remember. Anyways, if anyone knows of Canadian chain stores that carry them, the input would be greatly appreciated. (I have a bad cage bad chewer)

10-10-06, 08:11 pm
Hm, I have seen them in Wal-mart before, maybe they were just out of stock?

10-11-06, 07:28 am
I thought maybe too... but I think if I did see them, they were the open grid ones, or regular ones, I need the ones with no spaces in it.

10-11-06, 10:35 pm
I'm pretty sure I have seen the mesh grids in Home Depot in Ontario, I think it was in Markham or Richmond Hill.

10-13-06, 02:03 pm
I bought some at Canadian Superstore, I only needed two packs... I don't think that spending $5 more for 5 cubes less was a smart idea, and then clashing colours with silver mesh cubes was my idea of a good money spend. I also considered that if he couldn't chew on bars... what would he chew on... his metal hay rack, or litter box, seeing as he doesn't chew wood or anything he should be.

12-03-06, 10:15 am
Have you tried Costco? You can always get them there for alot cheaper than Walmart.

12-03-06, 02:28 pm
Have you tried Home Depot?

12-03-06, 07:43 pm
I want the mesh grid's too, I'll have to look at some of these places in oshawa area and see if I can find any.

12-07-06, 07:32 am
I want the mesh grid's too, I'll have to look at some of these places in oshawa area and see if I can find any.

i've checked alot of stores in the oshawa area and haven't been successful in finding the mesh grids

12-07-06, 11:09 am
Oh no. That's not cool, I was hoping to buy those to cut down on the mess on my floors. Oh well.

12-19-06, 01:00 am
I got mine at Linens 'n Things.
Here's the link:
Linens 'n Things - LNT Attitudes Mesh Cubes (http://canada.lnt.com/product/index.jsp?productId=1364301&cp&origkw=mesh+cubes&kw=mesh+cubes&parentPage=search)

03-25-07, 06:45 pm
I found everything I needed at Rona. They even cut the coroplast to size. Making a new cage was so easy!

03-25-07, 08:11 pm
I got my cubes at Canadian Tire. I am still looking for coroplast. I did not think of Rona. Well, guess what I am doing at lunch tomorrow...

04-14-07, 08:51 pm
I tried, Home Depot, Walmart and Costco. Nothing. I found cubes at Zellers in Ancaster. They were on sale for $10 for a pack of 12, regular 15 dollars. They were in the kitchen storage section.

04-18-07, 05:33 pm
I went to Rona and got the coroplast. They had 2 different weights of coroplast and many different colours.

05-12-07, 10:03 pm
:) hi, I just bought some of that grind shelving at Supercenter or Superstore in Brampton, Ontario. There are 17 pieces and I paid $14.99. They come in multi-colours or white.

Good Luck

PS- costco does not carry these cube organizers anymore.

06-20-07, 08:32 am
I got mine from Canadian Tire. They are made by Rubbermaid. I found they were a bit exepensive. Over 20$ each for each pack. And boy are they a PAIN to put together! I needed hammer to get them together... but even then they pop out.

piggly wiggly
06-20-07, 08:51 am
Use zip ties, they work soo well holding the cubes together.

06-20-07, 08:53 am
That's what I ended up doing. Part of it is still together with those platic connectors. Sometime this week I'm going to take it apart and redo it. It's for my bunny right now and he doesn't use the whole thing so I'm going to take some parts and extend the cage my piggy is in now.

08-15-07, 06:28 am
Canadian Tire you can get cubes but they aren't mesh and they are a little over 20$ for 13 or 14 grids.

Does anyone know where you can buy more connectors? i have half connectors and the other have ties and it looks funny

11-13-07, 05:32 pm
I've heard you can find them at costco, and wal-mart. Though I, to, am looking.

12-02-07, 12:39 pm
Well, I bought everything I needed at Home Depot.

They have corrugated plastic at about $17 per sheet (4x8) and ClosetMaid modular shelving at $30 for 25 squares, or thereabouts.

01-05-08, 10:07 pm
Can anyone recommend a location in the Richmond Hill area?

I tried looking at the Wal Mart in Thornhill around the Promenade and they didnt have anything >(

03-31-08, 06:28 pm
I just found the shelving at Wal-Mart in Guelph for about $20, and Home Depot has the plastic. Home Depot also had the shelving for about the same price.