View Full Version : Unexpected place to find fleece

10-08-06, 06:32 pm
I was my local Dollarama and saw a lady with what appeared to be a small fleece blanket. I booted to the towel/face cloth aisle and low and behold there was one blanket left. I know that its not polar fleece or anything but the price was right, $1. It almost looks like a metre of fabric. Oh and I was on the hunt for more, but I couldn't find any. Luckily my Mom knows how crazy I am over my Bo, so she bought him 2 more. Got to love Moms.

I just thought I'd share.

10-09-06, 11:53 am
I found some at Loblaws recently for 2.99! But of course I already have too much that I bought for about $8.

10-09-06, 07:48 pm
Good to know guys my Hubby works right near a dollarama, I'll check it out and let you all know!