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10-07-06, 08:46 pm
Hey guys,
Just got back from shopping. While out, I picked up a pack of the newest design for storage cubes. These cubes are solid cubes, They ARE NOT mesh, or wire. They have a wire frame, which is white, and then stretched over it is a plastic type sheeting, it's very strong, but also very thin. You get 16 in a pack, each pack is $30. They also use the normal connectors(18 in the box). I bought them from the Warehouse, if you log onto there site, and download the nesest catalogue, they are also in their, simply called storage cubes. Their are four colours in each pack, four of each colour.

The actual box
The colours available

How the plastic is connected
Hopefully I can use these for the temporary cages, the Bunnings grids I have, are useless, the pigs shred the plastic off, and the metal underneath rusts.


Matt & Guins
10-12-06, 07:32 am
They look great - and nice and colourful.

But doesnt it defeat the purpose of making the C&C grid cages? - to allow maximum airflow in? Wouldnt making a cage like this be very much like a fishtank?


10-12-06, 08:16 am
I'd only use these are the back of the cage to stop bedding from getting flung out, or behind hay racks to stop it from dropping out of the cage.

In other grid news.

Grids from Big W are on sale (YAY for stocktakes) $14 for a pack of 16 multi-coloured grids.

5 white grids from Bunnings cost 8.50 but should be on sale soon apparently. (only use is for stands and lids)


I found mesh grids. 12 in a pack for either $17 or $47. It had two prices on it. Available from Bunnings. Storage section, should be near the white grids.

10-13-06, 01:03 am
Sigh, lucky you. I live in a remote area, one Bunnings within two hours of us, its tiny and does not stock grids. Two Big W's both said they will not be stocking grids again, No K-marts anywhere near us.

Theres still plenty of air flow, gaps between the grids, and its not like they are very high. Anyways, I have my own home built cages I use, these are just for emergency set ups.


10-13-06, 01:26 am
I live in the centre of Victoria, (Shepparton to be precise) It's the only Bunnings within a 100km radius I think, it's big (by Shepparton standards) and was pretty surprised that they had grids at all, let alone mesh ones.

We have a K-mart, but they just look at me weird when I try and explain what I'm talking about.

10-13-06, 03:04 am
K-mart has them in the same section as bed sheets doonas etc. I live out in Quorroblong, which I'm certain translates to Middle of Nowhere. Try telling someone you live in Quorrobolong. About 40 people live here, all farmers, except for a few City slickers, who decided to move to the country. They never last more then six months, frequent blackouts, barely any reception on TV's, no broadband they cant stand it. Kids have to travel at least 40 minutes to get to school. It takes me an hour and a half, because I stupidly tried for and got a scholarship at a private school.

So grids are in short supply, I was extremely glad to find these ones


10-13-06, 04:49 am
Okay, I'm not going to complain about living in Shepp anymore :P

I feel for ya mate, it must be pretty tough.

12-08-06, 04:55 am
I'd only use these are the back of the cage to stop bedding from getting flung out, or behind hay racks to stop it from dropping out of the cage.

Sounds like great idea !
I have to vacumn the floor a few times a day because of loose wood shavings and poos about !

Thanks Bellabelle, for sharing the information about the new cube design !

Slave to the Wheek
12-09-06, 02:24 am
They have them here in California at "Orchard Supply and Hardware" which a huge chain owned by Sears.

Let us know how they work out. I'm very sceptical.

When I saw them in the store I freaked out, worried that these were the "wave:" of the future. I ran out and bought two extra grid boxes at Target to make sure I had some.

They look like they could completely destroy the whole CC cage idea if they replaced them at all the other stores. What a shame that would be!

I just can't see using them to do anywhere near the things we do with the regular grids.

04-03-07, 08:34 pm
I like the idea of only using the "full" grids for the back of the cage, and the normal grids for everywhere else. But I read that someone thought they were useless because their pigs chewed all the plastic off and the wire underneath went rusty..
How many other peple have this problem?
How do you prevent this? Just give your pigs other things to chew on??

07-28-07, 03:37 am
I don't think there would be much wrong with using those closed-in grids as long as the cage was an open-cage. The air flow wouldn't be badly affected and a lot of people have their chlorolute going half-way or there abouts up the grids on the sides of their cages. But I would NOT use them for a completely enclosed cage and anyway, what would be the point in that, you wouldn't be able to see them.