View Full Version : Litter Box Safety

10-04-06, 09:21 pm
Ok so I've recently put both of my girls in a divided cage that both have small cat litter pans in them. I thought one of the girls was sick because of hair missing but I''ve come to the conclusion that they are rubbing their paws on the litter pan and getting the hair out. Does anyone have any solutions for an inexpensive step into the litter box?


10-04-06, 10:12 pm
Fiddlesticks will work well.

10-05-06, 07:05 am
A brick. 50-90 cents at the hardware store. Keep nails a bit more trimmed too. I think only big box stores like Home Depot carry them at this time of the year.

10-07-06, 08:10 pm
I don't know of any tricks for a small cat litter box, but maybe you could spare the cash and buy a small animal [rabbit] litterbox. They are lower to the ground and are "designed" for small animals. That's the only thing I can think of.

11-03-06, 06:19 pm
Do you need a litter box? You can use a brick or a landscaping rock for a step.

11-03-06, 08:00 pm
If you have a very small plant pot you can turn it upside down to use as a step. You may also want to trim the ledge of the box to make it easier for your guinea pigs to get in.