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08-12-04, 06:03 pm
I'm going to put up a poll for people to choose which bedding options they use.

Please reply to this thread NOT with what you use, but what additional bedding options you want to see in the poll if I haven't included it below:

CareFresh (or soft recycled paper or wood pulp product)
Aspen shavings
CareFresh/Aspen combination
Kiln-dried pine shavings
CareFresh/Pine combination
Wood pellets (wood stove pellets)
Pine/Wood pellets combination
CareFresh/Wood pellets combination
Pelleted recycled paper (Yesterday's News)
Corn cob (not recommended)
Towels/CareFresh combination
Towels/Pine combination
Fleece/CareFresh combination
Fleece/Pine combination
Straight newspaper
Shredded paper or newspaper
Newspaper/Hay combination
I will update the list with suggestions that I think are appropriate as they are made and I get to them . . .

08-21-04, 07:05 pm

08-22-04, 10:42 am
There's also:Woody Pet(Horse bedding) or Critter Care(Walmart Brand of Carefresh).

08-22-04, 01:00 pm
Aspen and towels weren't on the list. You may want to add fleece and aspen, too. =)

My Baby Mu
09-18-04, 02:19 pm
Add Critter Care and Pine.

09-21-04, 09:45 pm
Add CellSorb, which is similar to Yesterday's news but comes in big, less food pellet-like bits. (piggies can walk more easily on top of it)

01-26-05, 03:50 am
How about fleece/towels combination?

01-26-05, 07:23 am
Forgot to add (and can't see an edit button..?) - Vetbed

04-09-05, 05:22 am

05-25-05, 09:36 am
I use pine on the bottom, a layer of newspaper and carefresh on top. If you don't mind me asking was is vetbeds? And is cellsorb any good?

Vetbed which I use on my 2 upper levels looks just like high pile carpeting. Very absorbant and washable. It is used in animal hospitals for the sick to lay on since it absorbs wetness and creates warmth for the pets to lay on.

06-07-05, 12:27 pm
I'm weeding out the replies to what people use and leaving the additional options in here.

Note: regular pine shavings may be used but they must first be allowed to air dry for at least 2-3 days to get as much of the natural oil out of it as possible. It's better to use kiln-dried pine if you can get it.

The Magic Taco
06-14-05, 02:10 am
newspaper + aspen

06-14-05, 09:32 am
In UK you can get "Megazorb", which is like Carefresh but much finer and softer and lighter in colour.

06-14-05, 10:26 am
fleece/yesterdays's news
fleece/puppy or crib pads

Binas Cavys
07-18-05, 03:56 pm
Newspaper and Carefresh(I use ultra but I do not know if I was supposed to put that).


07-18-05, 06:23 pm
Fleece and cel-sorb