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08-12-04, 01:45 am
How do I insert a poll? I read from the FAQ section, it said click the 'Yes! post a poll' checkbox at the bottom of the page. But I cannot find it.

08-12-04, 03:46 am
When you start a new thread (from any forum choose the 'new thread' button from the top), you should get a box titled 'additional options' under the button you click to 'submit new thread'. Just scroll down on the screen. This is where you add new attachments, subscribe to the thread and post polls. Check that box and select the number of possible resposes you want and then after you've pressed 'submit new thread' it'll ask you more about the options.

08-12-04, 08:38 am
This is what I see. Cannot find the poll option.

08-12-04, 12:16 pm
I was trying to find out how to do a poll as well, and thats all I see too.

08-12-04, 03:52 pm
Nope, sorry. I've disabled the poll option for all except administrators.

Personally, I do not like polls at all. They are quite useless, take up bandwidth and provide no value. Why, you might ask? Because forum polls are never answered by more than just a few people AND the forum will get cluttered with useless polls simply because they are fun to create.

AND, for the most part, I really don't want many many issues become popularized because that's what a lot of people 'do'. The whole point of this site is to get people encouraged to do things right. I don't want to have to police polls in addition to the forum posts themselves.

If anyone has a suggestion for a poll that they think would provide site-wide value, by all means, suggest it and I'll let you know how what I think.

08-12-04, 05:21 pm
You are right cavyspirit, some people could misuse the polls and make up silly, time wasting ones. I think you could have a sticky poll for bedding, i.e, which kind of bedding do you use. I think it would be useful to know what people are using.

08-12-04, 05:39 pm
I think it would also be useful to have a hay poll, with options like Oxbow, Sweet Meadow Farms, Kleenmama's, American Pet Diner, etc. I know that would be helpful to me, so I'm hoping others could benefit from that, too. Just a suggestion. =)

08-12-04, 05:46 pm
The hay poll is a little difficult, because I, like many others do not live in the US, so our hay 'brands' are different. But still, it would be usefull for the US residents.

08-12-04, 05:49 pm
Okay. I'll create a thread in each area asking for the options that people would like to see in the pole. Then I'll use my judgement on those options to create one in each relevent forum.

08-12-04, 06:30 pm
Thanks, Teresa!!! You're the best! =)