View Full Version : I feel sooo bad.Can someone help

09-29-06, 05:49 pm
I am being forced to find a new home for my four rabbits,two boys(fixed)
and two girls. I have to find them new homes because in my area we cannot have more than 3 animals,I know its a cheesy law but that is what my city says. My neighbors have complained that we have well exceeded our animal intake. I want to keep them sooo badly but I cant,I live in California around the 92223 area, does anyone know of a sanctuary or a place in my area who will take good care of my four bunnies?????
I dont want them to end up in the wrong hands,I really want the best for them. I feel so bad and I will miss them terrible..................:(:ashamed::guilty::sorr y::weepy:

09-29-06, 08:52 pm
I don't understand why your neighbors would complain unless they are kept in inappropriate conditions or are a nuisance. If they are housed outside where poor housing, filth, noise, smell, flies or other conditions bother your neighbors then perhaps it would be better to bring them inside where they will be out of your neighbors' sight and where you can watch over and care for them better.

Please double check your laws. Most cities with animal limit laws refer only to dogs and cats. Rabbits, birds and other small animals are not necessarily included in the animal count.

Meanwhile, take a hard look at why your neighbors may be complaining. Did they tell you what they think the problem is? If you let us know we may be able to help you fix it.