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09-27-06, 08:33 pm
I woke up today to hear from my parents that my dog, Jake had passed away. He has been having some health problems the last few days and they were going to bring him to the vet. However, when my mom went to let the dogs out this morning they found my other dog, Kira barking non stop and Baily who was one of their puppies from a litter a few years ago laying next to him. He had gone in his sleep.
Jake was the third dog I had growing up, my first dog was given up by my grandparents before passing away a few years later and my other dog, Missy died during the summer before my sophomore year in high school. Jake was from Lake Geneva and was from several litters that were born that summer. He was this sweet aprocot puppy that just stood out from the other 20 and we took him home. Over the last 13 years, he was one loveable dog but also a pain the other half but he was family. Losing him now especially in the aftermath of the lost of Nugget and Cookies & Cream in the last year is very heart breaking and while I know he's in a better place now, I'm going to miss that bark of his and how he would just lay his head on your knee and let you pet him non stop.

09-27-06, 10:12 pm
Ryan I am so sorry to hear about Jake. Thank goodness he went in his sleep.

09-28-06, 02:51 am
Oh no, poor old Jake, but it is always more difficult for those who get left behind. My heart goes out to you, your parents and of course the other dogs.

09-28-06, 06:59 am
I'm so sorry to hear this Ryan. Rest in peace Jake.

09-28-06, 03:16 pm
Kira and Baily are very quiet now. Kira is mopping but that's to be expected. This was the father of her puppies and companion for over a decade. Baily is kind of trying to act in charge but rather have someone pet him or lay down and take a nap. I miss Jake.

09-28-06, 03:40 pm
I lost my beloved Seb back in July, and I still miss him. Our other dog too, he is on homeopathic anti depressants still the poor thing. The vet said the only other thing that would make him happy is another dog, but he doesn't seem to want another dog either - he viciously attacked the one we went to get.

If ever you need to talk I am there, we can mope together about the loss of our beloved dogs. I gather that you too had left him at your parents after having moved out? That is what happened with me and Seb, he was used to living in a huge house with gardens, feilds and a river - I couldn't take him to an appartment after that!

09-30-06, 03:44 am
I'm sorry, Ryan. :(

09-30-06, 11:14 pm
13 years.. wow, that's so heartbreaking. I'm so sorry for your loss.

10-01-06, 12:14 am
Thanks everyone. Kira and Baily have started to get comfortable with Jake gone but it's a different house now when I visit. They bark and then stop, no continious and Kira seems to just really just go lay back down while Baily needs immediate petting. They miss daddy.

10-01-06, 01:34 am
So sorry to hear, Ryan.