View Full Version : R.i.P JoJo =[

09-27-06, 03:19 pm
JoJo was one of the tinyest 2 year old guinea pigs ever
i wish i could have found out that she was sick sooner
sadly i didn't and she went on i wish i would have known
what was wrong and i wish she could have made it.


i remember when i touched her brown fur spots and she made a funny noise
or when i show someone her they ask why she has an extra toe.
i remember when i showed her her sister for the first time.
i remember when i played hide&seek with her.

and behalf of Krista,Baby ((her sister)) that loved her so much, we miss you jojo:love:



Pamela Barr
09-28-06, 06:41 am
Sorry for your lose, may you meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

09-28-06, 07:01 am
Sorry for your loss. RIP Jojo.

09-29-06, 01:09 pm
So sorry for loss of your little loved one!