View Full Version : What size cage for a rabbit?

09-21-06, 06:24 pm
I was trying to look around the forum a little bit and couldn't totally find what I was looking for. My sister has an Holland Lop and I'm going to build a bigger cage for it and I was wondering what would be a good size. I've heard a 2x3 base and then like doing a double on top. Would that be ok? Well thanks for helping.

09-21-06, 08:09 pm
I prefer a 2x4, with at least 2 stories, especially if the rabbit isn't a full time house rabbit. If the rabbit will be mostly confined to the cage then try to go even bigger.

09-22-06, 11:20 am
I think at least a 2x3 base. My rabbit only had a 2x2 but he's free range.. It's really just a bed.

09-22-06, 03:26 pm
Ok thanks. It's(like a mentioned) my sisters so I'm going to really try to get her maybe her to pay some then I can make it. Thanks for the advice.