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08-09-04, 03:35 pm
Right now I have my piggie in a store bought cage. But, I am going to make a cage. I do have a couple questions though.
Should I have a top cover if I have cats or dogs? Should I keep the cage on a small table?

08-09-04, 03:40 pm
I have cats & dogs, neither of them even bother with my piggies -- if anything, they lick them, and want to play with them.

I didn't put a top on my cage, only because I couldn't figure out how to make one -- I did put their new cage on top of two dressers (at least 3 feet high off the ground), and on top of a piece of plywood. I'm in the basement, and didn't want my girls getting a drift off the floor, especially in the winter time. Neither of my cats have attempted to jump up there to check it out, guess they figure it isn't worth their time.

If your cats/dogs are curious or a 'danger' to your piggy, then I'd definately think about a top to the cage, and putting the cage up high so they can't reach little piggy!

~ Shay ~

08-09-04, 04:00 pm
You should keep the cage in an elevated spot. The benefits of this are:

1. You can see them without bending over all the time.
2. Vacuuming, pounding feet, bass players, and other vibrations will be felt much less by the piggies
3. Cold drafts can sink to the bottom
You should probably put a top on if you have a cat that can get on top of the table and inside the cage. The dog shouldn't be a problem if they are out of his/her reach. To make a top, you can either use some extra grids and cable-tie them so they hinge, or buy some cheap closet shelving, have it cut to size, and cable-tie that to the top. Good luck with the new cage and the piggies! =)

08-09-04, 04:14 pm
Thanks guys!!!!!
I think I might put a top on just to feel safe. But , I will keep thinking about it.

08-09-04, 04:34 pm
I put a top on my cage just to be safe as well. I only have the one cat and he's not that interested, but it only takes a few minutes and a bored cat to kill a guinea pig. Better not to take chances.

08-09-04, 04:45 pm
I saw some on this site that like open on the top which I like!:)

08-10-04, 11:38 am
We have our cages on the floor, but only because there's no predators and no drafts (South Florida!). My wife and I can lay in front of the cages and watch our pigs for hours.

08-10-04, 02:08 pm
wow that is cool!!!!!!!!!!

08-10-04, 02:39 pm
I have two cats and was also worried about them getting into the pigs so I put a lid on my cage. I used two grids for the lid with zip tie hinges. In the end, though, the cats could care less about the pigs. I've tried to introduce them but my one cat is terrified and runs away. I'm pretty lazy and leave the lid open most of the time. I guess it really depends on the cat though. Since you already have the pig (getting another?) think about how your other animals react now. You can probably tell if they will try to bother the pigs.

My dog is the real problem - goes nuts and tries to knock the cage of the table. Lid wouldn't help so we never leave the dog in the same room alone.

08-10-04, 02:42 pm
P.S. Here's a link to one of my photos showing my lid. The picture shows the lid open and flipped back. The lid is made of two full grids zipped together. Because my cage is only 1 1/2 grids deep due to space constraints, I cut the back grids in half before attaching the lid with the zip tie hinges.


08-10-04, 02:45 pm
wow thank you!!
i like your cage alot!!

08-14-04, 01:17 am
None of my cages have tops even tough I have cats (a lot of them) and a dog. The dog is no problem. She is a Chihuahua (weighs 2.5 lbs) she couldn't harm a thing even if she wanted to (she is a major wimp but such a sweetie. I think she is afraid of the piggies), plus she cant even hop over the grids into the cage. (not all of my cages are up high) My cats are trained to leave the piggies alone, they are inside cats, so they don't hunt or anything like that. The cats do occasionlly come and look at the piggies but they don't spend to much time looking at them. I guess they have better things to do, like sleep!!


08-14-04, 09:42 am
ya, My dogs never come in the room with the my pig.