View Full Version : FOUND WiLD BABY BUNNY HELPP!!!!!!

09-16-06, 03:20 pm
i need help i fond a wild baby bunny that can't walk or hop and i need help what to do

09-16-06, 04:10 pm
The best thing you can possibly do for this rabbit is call a wild life rescue in your area and get it to that.

There are a lot of good information in this thread about hand feeding baby rabbits. Sadly there is a slim to none chance that this bunny makes it.
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09-16-06, 04:16 pm
Yes, please call a wildlife rescuer! A shelter or vet might be able to direct you to one. Baby rabbits are not only hard to raise but in most areas are illegal to keep. It needs to be raised by someone who's trained in the proper techniques and who knows how to raise a baby animal that will be released back into the wild.

09-16-06, 06:00 pm
Please keep us posted on how things are going. I wish you the best of luck.

09-16-06, 11:44 pm
Bring he/she to a vet ASAP!

09-17-06, 02:59 am
Oh what a shame, I'm glad it was found and has not been left to suffer at the hands of something else that could hurt/frighten and kill it. I think they will possibly put it to sleep but at least it wil have a peaceful end. I hope you've managed to get it to someone by now.

Please keep us updated and I do really hope something can be done but it's doubtful.