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09-15-06, 05:54 pm
Can anyone that lives in ontario around Durham area tell me where I can find lice and flea shampoo for guinea pigs? I've looked everywhere! Stores and vet's and not a single place has anything besides that hagen spray and that only makes them smell pretty. Please someone HELP:important

09-15-06, 07:44 pm
Just do a search for lice treatment and some small animal brands that others have used should come up. Sorry I don't know any off hand.

Percy's Mom
09-15-06, 07:46 pm
Have your pigs been diagnosed with lice or fleas? A medicated shampoo like that is really too harsh for their sensitive skin. If you think they have either, you're best bet is to go to a vet for kitten Advantage for them.

09-18-06, 07:45 am
I don't think that the chemicals usually found in flea shampoos are safe for guinea pigs. If your pig needs a bath though, I have found shampoo at Pet Valu (In Hamilton, but since it is a chain you can probably get it at your local Pet Valu too). It's called Tearless Shampoo for the Junior Pet Set by Professional Pet Products, and it says it is specially formulated for puppies, kittens, ferrets, rabbits, and hamsters.

If your pigs have some sort of parasite, though, they will need treatment for it, and the shampoo won't do it. Guinea Lynx :: Antiparasitics (http://www.guinealynx.info/antiparasitics.html)