View Full Version : Groans are Gone!

09-15-06, 12:43 pm
:melodrama Too many complaints about groans, so they are gone.

We are, however, keeping the Thanks feature.

09-15-06, 12:51 pm
Thanks Teresa!

09-16-06, 01:57 pm
I thinks that's a good idea as they are easily abused, I don't contribute much (sorry for that) but I read a lot and see it abused. The thanks are good as it shows who you can trust. People will give out groans just to be vindictive and its almost a form of bullying as I have seen a couple of regulars get one for no reason, just from people trying to upset them.

I think this will make it an even better forum as for some reason the groans feature often left a bad taste in my mouth, they made me uncomfortable. I must admit I was often nervous to say something, especially to a newcomer in case they didn't like what I said and gave me a groan for no real reason.

I know I'm not a regular but just thought I'd say my two pennies!

09-16-06, 02:10 pm
I knew something looked different. The groans were getting a little annoying, but I do love the thanks and I'm glad that's sticking around.

09-16-06, 03:49 pm
Had seen it being abused but didn't realise it was causing so much of a problem. Thanks for the update, T.

09-17-06, 11:55 am
Yay! I saw a few threads where people groaned for no reason. Thanks!!! :)

I don't know why I'm happy about this...

Oh well yay!

smileyface cavy
09-17-06, 12:25 pm
Thanks T! I think that was a good idea as I have been seeing "abused groans" quite a lot.

11-01-06, 07:22 pm
What are groans?

11-01-06, 07:29 pm
It doesn't matter. They are gone.

11-01-06, 08:04 pm
I think that the thanks are a good idea! The groan (I can guess what it is) sounds like it only caused problems.

11-01-06, 08:19 pm
If you want to know about groans, do a forum search. There is a thread or two about what they are somewhere.