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08-08-04, 06:39 pm
A couple broken links showed up on the HAY page. These were:
Oxbow's Hay Storage Advice--should be http://www.oxbowhay.com/link.sp?page=library-hay (http://www.oxbowhay.com/link.sp?page=library-hay)
Seagull's Storing Hay--doesn't seem to be working on Seagull's main page either.
Sorry, I know you are VERY busy, but I thought it'd be better to tell you than to leave the information out. Thanks sooo much and good luck on everything!!! =)

08-09-04, 07:58 pm
Seems like SOMEONE's got alot of time their hands hehe im just kiddin' ya :).They changed their website format from when she made that page i remember checking it like a month ago :).

08-10-04, 02:00 pm
Yeah, it's summer, what can I say? :) lol

11-20-04, 07:19 pm
Still not fixed. Just thought I should let you know. Thanks! =)

11-21-04, 01:54 pm
Alright already! Fixed. :)

11-21-04, 03:21 pm
Thanks, Teresa! =) I know you're busy.