View Full Version : Cutting Coroplast for L cage

09-12-06, 10:49 am
Im going to redo the cage since Violet and Daisy are coming home. I had an L shaped cage before but I just used shower curtains, now im going to be using coroplast. How do you cut it for an L shape? Do you have to cut it into two seperate parts? This may be dumb but I just can't think of how to do it, lol.

09-12-06, 12:51 pm
I have an L-shaped cage, a 2x6 connected to a 2x2. They are two separate pieces of coroplast (one 2x6, one 2x2). It wouldn't big big enough to cut it all out of one sheet! The 2x6 is lined with fleece, and the 2x2 is the litter area, filled with YN. It is a lot easier to lift out the 2x2 to clean it, since the bedding can get pretty heavy (it takes 15 pounds of YN to fill both my litter boxes). It also lets me have a wall between the two areas, so the fleece does not get covered with hay and YN. The boys have to walk over a little brick 'patio' to get from the 2x2 to the 2x6.


09-12-06, 03:33 pm
I make 2 seperate cages and then cut out the spot where they meet so it's a completely open 2 grid wide connection. I'm sure when doing smaller L cages there's a way to cut out the cage in 1 chunk but it would probably be more complicated. Currently I have a 2x3 connected to a 2x2 that opens into a 3x3 and it's put together from 3 seperate cage pieces. I just line them up, cut, and duct tape together. Duct tape only needs replaced 1 to 2 times a year and if lined up right makes a waterproof connection so I find that to be the easiest way. I've also used aquarium silicone to glue cages together which is much more permanent but much harder and quite messy if you aren't used to working with silicone glue.