View Full Version : Oxbow and Kms Food with Timothy Hay

09-11-06, 06:34 pm
Ok, I have found out that Oxbow's Cavy cuisine has 28.00% fiber and Km's food has 25.00% fiber. If my piggies are getting that amount of fiber in thier food should I still feed them alot of hay or will that be too much fiber?

Usually Timothy Hay has 32-30 % fiber.
Thank you

09-11-06, 06:36 pm
They ALWAYS need unlimited hay. It's not so much the fiber you need to provide it's the fact that hay helps wear down their teeth and aids in a healthy intestinal tract. Pellets and veggies alone cannot do these things.

09-11-06, 06:41 pm
Thank you very much.

09-11-06, 06:59 pm
It's not really possible to give a guinea pig too much fiber. Also the fiber in hay isn't quite the same as the powderized fiber in pellets. It's the long strand fiber in hay that helps with digestion and keeps the teeth worn properly. Pellets, wood chews, and other things do not wear the teeth as well or evenly as hay and the fiber in pellets is not nearly as useful. KMs pellets despite being lower in percentage are actually better in fiber because they contain longer strands. If you get an oxbow pellet wet it forms a mash or if left to dry a powder. If you get KMs pellets wet you have a pile of tiny wet hay bits with some powder around it.