View Full Version : New cage, but have any ideas?

My Baby Mu
09-09-06, 08:53 pm
This is what my cage looks like currently...

As you can see there is a top level, but I haven't put the coroplast in it yet. I can't quite figure out a good ramp. The opening for the ramp is in the back right hand corner of the cage. So have at it.

09-09-06, 09:20 pm
Nice set-up!

For my ramp, I bought a small sheet of pegboard at Home Depot. I asked them to cut me a strip from it that was 6" wide and 28" long. They did this at no additional charge. The pegboard was, I think, $4 or maybe $6. I then attached a thin rubber shelf liner for traction, to the brown-colored side of the pegboard (the other side is white and slick...tape won't stick to it) with double-sided tape. The double-sided tape covered just about every inch of the liner, to make sure it wouldn't come off of the ramp.

I left the top row of holes on the pegboard uncovered, and threaded tie-wraps through the holes and attached the ramp to the grids on the upper level.

My Baby Mu
09-10-06, 12:48 pm
Ok, I am taking off that top level now, because it was very unstable. Do You guys have any ideas with the top level and where to put it?

09-14-06, 09:09 pm
Mu, Your top level just needs to be 'next' not another grid up and then the top level. Please look at my stickey thread on building top levels. You should find good help there.

My Baby Mu
09-14-06, 09:11 pm
The reason why I buit it a grid up then the top level was for easier cleaning. I soon found it wasn't very stable. I found out a way and will get a picture on here somewhat soon.