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08-06-04, 09:14 am
I got a female guinea pig from the local humane society last may and later realized she was pregnant. So, I currently have three baby piggies, one male and two females. They were born on July 4th, I'm trying to find them good homes. None of my neighbors or friends have been able to take them. Since my Mom has said we cannot keep them, she is threatening to return the babies to the shelter if I can't find them a home. Please respond.

08-09-04, 02:57 pm
Have you tried posting on www.cavyrescue.com (http://www.cavyrescue.com)? You'll get some more hits then. Where in Minnesota do you live? Near St. Paul at all? =) Good luck!

08-09-04, 09:59 pm
I believe all these babies have a home/temp. home now.

I'm pretty sure I was given one of these babies- the cream with white. He was renamed Oskar.

08-10-04, 06:16 am
No, I have not given away any of the babies yet. No one has asked for one of them.

08-10-04, 08:56 am
Oh! Well then I could take the one boar. I need a young boar for a single pig I have available for adoption (www.jpgpr.com (http://www.jpgpr.com)). I definately can't take the females though.
Email me: [email protected]
Or call: 651-335-0158

Sorry for the mix-up, you situation is very similiar to another person!

08-10-04, 08:58 am
And on second thought, why don't you keep the females? I hope your sow has some buddies, if not you should definately consider keeping the females.

08-11-04, 03:32 pm
Wow, that would be awesome! JPGPR is Jack Pine Guinea Pig Rescue, right? If so, where exactly are you located, because I'm in Lakeville, about forty-five minutes south of the twin cities. Something I meant to mention and forgot. If I could get him to you that would make me very happy, I just didn't feel great about the idea of sending him to a home without a buddy. Also, we are considering keeping the girls but that would mean we have four piggies and the cage we have really isn't big enough for four full-grown piggies. Oh well, we're working on it.

08-11-04, 03:51 pm
I sent you an email back!

09-10-04, 01:44 pm
Might be able to take a female, Ill pm you