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09-07-06, 12:50 pm
Hello there. Im new to this site. My name is Cortney although I typically go by Cort. I am a big-time animal lover and "mother" to two guinea pigs and a cat. My cat is a Maine Coon mix and his name is Babe while my guinea pigs are Skippie and Skittles. Skippie is an American and Skittles is an Abyssinian. They are now 3-4 months old, Ive only had them for just about a month. Ive had guinea pigs once before and like all animals, they are just terrific to have around. I adore them. Like my cat, my guineas were sick when I first got them and I was aware of that but I tend to fall for the sick ones because I like to help them when I know most people will overlook them. A little about me: I am proud to be a vegetarian and animal lover. I enjoy watching movies, being outside, and swimming. I go to college where I am studying to work with animals and I work in a grooming salon part-time. I hope to get to know some of you!

09-07-06, 01:54 pm
I always thought it would be neat to have a Main Coon cat! Welcome to the group!

09-07-06, 03:17 pm
Hi Cort,

Welcome to the forum - I'm sure you'll find (like we all find) that it's a great resource with lots of fabulous people. :)

09-07-06, 03:45 pm
Welcome to the forum!

09-07-06, 05:41 pm
Thanks everyone! I really like it here so far. About the Maine Coons, theyre great! Ill have to post pics some time of "my boys." (both guineas and my cat)

09-07-06, 05:42 pm
Hi there ---- welcome to the forum. Sounds like you fit right in :) can't wait to learn more about you and your piggies.