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My Baby Mu
08-04-04, 07:42 pm
How do you bent the cubes. I've seen them and they were cool looking. What do you recomend on beds?

08-05-04, 03:05 am
Hello. If you look around the perimeter of the cube you will see an imperfection. It looks like a little joint. Put a pair of shoes on and place the 'jointed' side away from you. Place you feet on the opposite side to the joint. Slowly, keep bending the cube. Don't do it in one go otherwise the cube will snap. Hope this helps!

08-05-04, 08:15 am
Follow this link. It shows you how to bend a grid.


08-05-04, 11:25 am
wasn't my description enough? lol. Thanks kenneth, I was trying to find that link/