View Full Version : Rhapsody passed away today.

09-01-06, 02:57 pm
Hi everyone, I haven't been on much the past few months.

When I woke up this morning, I found that Rhapsody had passed way. She didn't show any signs of illness, she seemed perfectly fine the night before. Eyes, nose, breathing were all clear. Stools and everything have been fine.

I loved her so much, she was very lovable and friendly. She always came up to you when you walked by the cage. Im gonna miss her so much.


Its just hard to understand. When I adopted her, the vet thought she was around 4-5. I guess she could have passed from old age?

09-01-06, 03:04 pm
Oh Amber. I am sorry. RIP little Rhapsody.

09-01-06, 03:05 pm
Amber - I'm so sorry for your loss. This is a pretty recent pigture of Rhapsody, isn't it? Such a cute one... my thoughts are with you.

09-01-06, 03:07 pm

Amber - I'm so sorry for your loss. This is a pretty recent pigture of Rhapsody, isn't it? Such a cute one... my thoughts are with you.

Its a few months ago, It was right after I adopted her.

09-01-06, 03:25 pm
I'm so sorry to hear that. I remember that picture, she was very adorable. RIP Rhapsody

Herbie Girl
09-01-06, 03:36 pm
RIP Rhapsody.... So sorry for your loss.


09-01-06, 04:18 pm
So very sorry you lost your little girl. She was a real cutie.
RIP Rhapsoday.

09-01-06, 09:46 pm
I'm so sorry. I always loved looking at the adorable pictures you took of her, she was a very amusing pig! Rest in peace, Rhapsody.

piggly wiggly
09-01-06, 09:51 pm
I am so sorry for your loss, she was such a cutie.

09-01-06, 10:11 pm
My heart sank when I read the title of this thread. Rhapsody had a great personality and stuck in my head (especially in that picture). I am so very sorry for your loss. Sleep well sweet Rhapsody. I am glad she knew a happy home with you Amber. :hug:

09-02-06, 12:13 am
Oh Amber, I am so sorry for your loss. That seems so unfair to have a day like that to find her gone with no idea as to why. I feel for you. I do think she lived the last of her life content with you and appreciated your love for her.

09-02-06, 07:57 am
Thanks everyone. Its really hard to even walk by her cage. Squirrel seems pretty depressed too. Its just so unfair, I didn't even get to have her that long, I just adopted her a few months ago. I loved her so much, she was such a sweetheart.

Here is another favorite picture.

09-02-06, 08:50 am
She was gorgeous. She resembles my piglet fluffball, same colouring.

I know no amount of condolences will ever take the hurt away but she knew she was loved and she will always live on in your heart.

Rest in peace rhapsody...

09-02-06, 09:45 am
Awww...what a little sweetie pie. I'm so sorry. At least it sounds like she died peacefully in her sleep. You gave her all the care and love a piggie could ever want...she was a lucky girl. Rest in Peace little Rhapsody.

09-02-06, 04:48 pm
I am so sorry for your loss. She had such a sweet face and her eyes filled with so much personality. I am sure she enjoyed living out the remainder of her life with you. Rest in peace Rhapsody . . .

09-09-06, 04:19 pm
Oh, man! Amber, I just saw this thread. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how much you loved her. RIP: Rhapsody!

09-09-06, 08:00 pm
I remember reading your thread when she was adopted. I am so sorry for your loss Amber. RIP Rhapsody.

09-09-06, 08:36 pm
Amber, my piggy Amber also passed away this morning at the hospital. She was the same color as Rhapsody but American, and the most beautiful pig I've ever had. She was so polite, she always waited her turn at the food dish and water bottle, and she was a lovey mush. I don't know how to put up a picture of her, but I would like to. This is my third pig to go in about a year, even though I take such good care of all of them. All three were only four years old when they went. I know the pain of not knowing what was wrong with your baby when she went.

09-09-06, 10:47 pm
I'm so sorry for your lost. Don't worry, she's running free with her friends now over the rainbow bridge.

09-11-06, 09:09 am
Thanks everyone. Im getting ready to find a friend to adopt for Squirrel. I wasn't sure that I wanted to get another pig but Squirrel has a long life ahead of her, she is around a year old, so she needs a buddy. I just feel guilty I guess since I did rehome 2 of my other girls. I wish that I could get them back but the woman loves them and wants to keep them. It just doesn't seem right I guess but I didn't expect Rhapsody to pass away, thought I had a couple more years still.

Pamela Barr
09-11-06, 12:54 pm
Sorry for your lose Amber, she was a beautiful girl!

09-11-06, 07:56 pm
I'm so very sorry.

09-12-06, 07:24 am
Thanks everyone. Good news, Im pretty sure that I am getting Violet and Daisy back. Hopefully.

09-12-06, 07:50 am
Well I'm glad there is a little light at the end of the dark tunnel :sad: :)