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08-30-06, 05:03 am
I'm building a C & C cage and have the grids. However I can only get correx (UK term for coroplast) in 8 ft by 4 ft sheets and it isn't big enough. Is it possible to join correx at right angles? I thought we could use one sheet for the base and cut another into sections for the sides. Has anyone done this, and can you pass on any tips to ensure we get a waterproof seal between the base and sides.

08-30-06, 08:24 pm
You must be building a very large cage if a 2'x8' isn't enought. :)

Packaging tape and duct tap have both worked very well for me before.

08-30-06, 08:31 pm
That is the same size we get for coro here. You must be building a huge cage or very high sides! I have joined coro in my HUGE cage and I liked using clear postal/packaging tape.

09-03-06, 06:48 am
I just worked that out yesterday and packing tape is perfect. I use the kind with the strings inside. I think this is more solid and stable. Just my opinion.

GadgetGirl the Piggie Lover:love:

09-03-06, 07:37 am
The cage is 4 grids by 3 grids. Dimensions are 44" by 56". The length is fine at 8' of correx but the width of 44" leaves only 4" for two sides with a 4' wide sheet. We have 3 pigs and the cage is not much bigger than that recommended. (2 grids by 5 grids).

09-03-06, 01:53 pm
What do you use as bedding and how old are your pigs? If you use fleece and have adult pigs then 4 inch sides might be OK. If you use a Carefresh/shavings type bedding then you almost certainly want higher sides.
My Correx wasn't quite the right size, so I made a 2 part bottom of the cage where the two parts overlap by about 7 inches. One part is very slightly narrower than the other by no more than 1 cm, so it sits nicely inside the other bit, but I don't think the pigs notice. Having the two bits separate makes it a bit less awkward to take them out when I want to and they overlap enough that they don't really need joining.

I use Megazorb on top of newspaper and it doesn't seem to matter that the Correx is in two parts, the bedding doesn't escape underneath.

09-03-06, 02:08 pm
The pigs are almost adult, and they are all male so there'll be no babies.

I intend to use fleece, but the 4' wide correx would only give us 2" sides not 4" as the base is 44" wide so there's a total of only 4" left for both the sides.

We think we will get two sheets of correx and add extra to the top of the sides using packing or duct tape. The joins will then be along the length, part way up the sides, so won't be in a place where they will be leaked on.

Percy's Mom
09-03-06, 02:13 pm
That's what I was going to suggest Karen. Make the base with 2' sides where you might have something leak, then add an extra strip all the way around to raise the height.

09-03-06, 02:18 pm
My cage is 4 by 3 Karen (with a 1 by 4 loft), and the correx I've used fits really well - it is 4 ft wide. The sides are about 6" high all round. My maths isn't great - but it worked out fine! (I didn't use measurements in numbers - but put the grids together in the middle in a 4 by 3 rectangle, and scored around them.)

Are you planning on putting the correx OUTside the grids? That might make it a wee bit tighter. (my correx is INside - I think that's how most folk do it.)

I agree with jabberwock, that if you are unhappy with the height of the sides, you could add an extra, taller piece to the outside - that way, you still have a fully contained inner.

I used duck/duct tape on the corner 'joins' - works well - but before I put my fleece up and over the correx, my older pig liked to nibble it!

09-03-06, 02:36 pm
Hi JarBax,
I am putting the correx inside the grids. I think I've measured it OK- the grids are 14" wide so 3 together are 42". From a 4 ft sheet I'll have 6" left for both the sides. I'll do as you have suggested, and add the extra height afterwards. Many thanks everyone for your replies.

09-03-06, 02:51 pm
Don't forget to add a little extra space for the space between the connectors. It would actually be a little more than 42".

09-03-06, 03:02 pm
Mmmm- that's why I got 44" initially.