View Full Version : My Hopefully New Cage

08-29-06, 01:18 pm
http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y185/sweetjay6891/gphotel.jpg This will hopefully be my new cage tommorow. Some one is selling it for $25 bucks so i am hopefully getting it! She said first come first take but the last e-mail she sent me souned like i am getting it! im so happy!

What do you guys think? Those are her guinea pigs but it will be big enough for two boars right?http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y185/sweetjay6891/CarlyPicsJune06015.jpgOko and Hamilton.

08-29-06, 01:27 pm
It's a great size for 2 boars. I hope you get it.

08-29-06, 01:33 pm
Thanks, i do too. The one problem is how do i transfer it back home? We dont own a truck, we have a Jeep Cherikee(?) [moms car] How would i do this? i know to disable the cubes, but what about the coroplast?

08-29-06, 01:43 pm
Honestly I have no clue how you'll get the coro in the jeep. If you cut the tape and lay it flat it may fit if you take out the back seat. Or you could strap it to the roof with bungie cords if you don't have far to go. We did this though and the wind caught under it and I had to hold it with one hand and drive with the other. It was scarry and a pain. Good luck though! It looks like a nice cage.

08-29-06, 04:38 pm
I am thinking the coro will slide under the seats.