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08-02-04, 09:18 am
Ok, I am trying a new bedding as I just had a change of employment and the Carefresh is too expensive for the next few weeks.

I have a really thick layer of newspaper throughout the cage. (2X4 C&C)
I then tore/wadded up newspaper on top of the flat layers in one half of the cage. There is a fleece blankie (folded in half) covering the other half of the cage.

My question is does the fleece hold the urine odor or is it pretty clean smelling?

SIDE NOTE: My pigs LOVE the wadded newspaper!!! They are hiding in it and popcorning all over the place. It's so-oo cute!!!!


08-02-04, 11:45 am
Fleece is very inexpensive, but its not the best at absorbing urine. However, since you do have a layer of thick newspaper I don't think it will be too bad. I think you will need to change it at least every other day. If you change it this frequently, you will have no problem with odour.