View Full Version : rabbits and guinea pigs as friends

08-26-06, 09:16 pm
Is it possible for them to get along as friends? currently I have my piggie cage as an open cage. Will they be safe if I get a new bunny companion in my home? Will I need to build a cover for their cage? I dont plan on giving a new bunny unsupervised free range time in the home until I get to know him/her, but are there things I should consider having piggies and bunnies in the same house? Are there illnesses that transcend from piggies to bunnies and vice versa?

08-26-06, 09:18 pm
Guinea pigs can catch Bordatella from rabbits. I would limit them each to their own room if they will both be free range.

08-31-06, 03:08 am
If you have not already, read this page: http://www.guineapigcages.com/rabbits.htm