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08-02-04, 04:49 am
Salut, Hi

Y a t-il des gens de la province de Québec ici? Ou, des gens parlant français?

Are they any people from the province of Quebec in here? Or, any french spoken people?


thank you

08-04-04, 06:22 am
Hey im in ottawa like seriously Hull is a 10 minute walk from my home.Im in montreal every weekend to race :).Anways where in Quebec are ya I'd love to meet up with another cavy lover in my area :).

08-05-04, 08:39 pm
I'm studying French right now, and I have taken it for three years so far. =)

10-16-04, 09:26 pm
Oui Je Parle Francais. J'habite Au Montreal. Mais Je Ne Suis Pas Tres Bonne Car Je Suis En Huitieme Annee.

10-16-04, 09:27 pm
pardon tous les majuscule.

10-16-04, 10:10 pm
bonjour.. commen on ca va..?
lolz.. that's basically all i know in french.. i used to live in ottawa so that's pretty close to quebec.. i went there plenty of times tho

10-17-04, 12:34 am
I took French for about 7 years, from grade school through college, but that was about 6 years ago, so I'm not great at it any more... I know enough to be able to understand it when I hear or read it, but I've forgotten a lot of the vocabulary. I just never get the chance to use it :(

02-02-05, 08:44 am
Je parle aussi français. Pas très bien, mais je le parle.

02-02-05, 09:27 pm
Allo les Francais!!! Je suis fanco-canadien et j'en suis fiers! Je viens de l'Ontario et je frequente l'ecole francaise depuis la maternelle! La province de Quebec n'est pas trop loin de chez moi, seulement uh 30 minutes. A l'ecole, on me force a parler le francais! Quand j'etait jeune, si je parlais en anglais a l'ecole je serrai en trouble. J'ai du famille au Quebec, mais la ville que je visite le plus est tres petite. Y en as-tu des gens ici qui sont alle a Temiskaming? C'est cool de voir que plusieurs gens sur le site parle le francais!

Hello to all of the french people. I'm french-canadian and proud of it! I'm from Ontario et I'v been attending completely french schools since pre-kindergarden. The province of Quebec isnt too far away from where I live, about 30 minutes. At school, the students are forced to speak french. When I was young, if I spoke english at school, I'd get in trouble. I have family in Quebec, but the township I visit the most is really small. Ever hear of Temiskaming? Its cool to see that many people on this site speak french!

Oh yeah! I'm a french highschool student in grade 11. And man I wish I had a french keyboard, its hard to use the alt key when I have to type french homework.

04-11-05, 04:24 pm
Okay, here goes:

Je parle le Francais juste un petit peut. Je ne peux pas parle le Francais trop bien, mais je parle un peux.

I live in Blenheim, Ontario. See you.

10-06-05, 09:06 pm
Salut je suis francophone aussi. But I try to write english. I would be very delighted to know people from Canada. Espacially from Quebec. I'm brand new cavy's owner. Each day, I discover a little bit of things about that wonderfull pet.

11-25-05, 06:31 pm
Bonjour, Je vive en Ontario, mais je pris le lecons du francais. J'aime la langue. Mais c'est tres difficile!

06-25-06, 12:43 pm
Allo! C'est evident qu'il y a d'autres gens ici qui parlent francais, et c'est bon de le voir. Ma langue maternelle est l'Anglais, mais comme j'habite a Montreal, j'ai pris des cours de francais depuis la maternelle. SVP m'excusez si je fais des petites fautes de grammaire (c'est l'ete, et je n'ai pas pris des cours de francais depuis quelques semaines...!)
fuzypeaches: je trouve ton nom tres amusant- ma cochon d'Inde s'appele Peaches, mais ses cheveux sont trop longs d'etre 'fuzy'

Hi! It seems that there are other people here who speak french, and that's nice to see. My first language is English, but since I live in Montreal, I've taken french classes since kindergarten. Please excuse any slight grammar mistakes that I may make (it's summer vacation, and I haven't taken any french classes for a couple of weeks...!)
fuzypeaches: I find your name amusing- my piggy's name is Peaches, but her hair is too long to be considered fuzzy.

06-25-06, 12:45 pm
I am french, but I don't speak french. Kinda funny story because my dad never bothered teaching me french.

06-29-06, 10:47 pm
I am french, but I don't speak french. Kinda funny story because my dad never bothered teaching me french.

I'm glad you find it amusing, I think it is kind of sad. :(

My husbands grandmother was French (Parents where from France) She however married an English man and was not allowed to teach her kids french. My Husbands mother however not speaking the language herself, put my husband into french immersion for 12 years.

Now we are trying to get our 3 year old into a francophone school. My husband speaks it really well, but because it was not his first language, and he did not attend a Francophone school, they don't have to admit her. We are sending her to a french daycare for 2 days a week for July and Augest. Hopefully she learns enough (and with what DH has been able to teach her so far) to pass a test, then we still have to be approved. Total hoop jumping, we are bitting our nails with hope!

I think it is really sad when families let the second language go, hopefully for our daughter, we can get it back for her!

07-02-06, 08:55 pm
I live in Ontario, and was taught French in school from first grade through to OAC (grade 13) - you'd think after 13 years of Frech classes I would be fluent or something, but I'm not at all. I can understand most written French, but my grammar (verb tense conjugations and stuff) is really weak, and my accent is terrible so I don't like to speak it. I guess the way I learned it focused too much on reading and writing. Though that (and taking Latin) did help for getting around in Europe, being able to sort of guess at what some things mean, because its similar in French.

07-05-06, 12:37 pm
I'm Canadian, but I do not speak fluent french, I wish I did but no chance. I learned french from grade 1 to grade 9 when it was manditory that we take it, but after grade 9 I stopped. I understand all the french you are writing, and can understand when it's spoken to me, but my replys are broken, and I'm not quick to recall vocabulary. Very intresting to read things in a different language.

09-08-06, 09:35 am
This may be way off topic, but this is something I really find appalling. In Montreal we have a total of three investigators working for the SPCA. Also, Quebec is the only province without laws protecting its animals. I am writing letters to parliament, and i'm writing articles for the gazette and other papers concerning this. I really do need some help, the more people that help raise awareness for this the better! I would really appreciate it, and so would the thousands upon thousands of pets that get abandonned each year!

11-06-06, 06:00 pm
Hey Everyone,

I live in montreal, and Im interested in building my own cavy cage for my two pigs. (their cage is becoming too small!) I cant find cubes ANYWHERE. Clorosplast either. Any suggestions on where I could get some.

11-06-06, 07:24 pm
I wonder... do you have any of the following stores around you?
Real Canadian Superstore
Canadian Tire
Home Depot

If not then maybe ordering them off the internet?

As for coro, seeing as election time is around the corner here in Ontario, I wonder if it is the same for you? I would snatch some signs, and build away.

11-06-06, 08:47 pm
Thank you so much, I do have some of those stores around. Ill be looking.

11-08-06, 08:32 pm
Home Depot definalty has them, no matter how big my cage gets, I still get excited seeing cubes. Although they only had white, they came in 3 and 6 cube packages, so.. like 13 and 23 cubes in each, if I'm calculating right.

11-11-06, 09:48 am
You can use linoleum for the bottom instead.

What Lyndsay said about cubes.

For now, just try giving them lots of floortime. http://www.cavycages.com/floortime.htp

11-11-06, 03:33 pm
I found my cubes at Costco (a wholesale store), and coroplast should be available at most home improvement stores. I got mine at Reno-Depot
Hope this helps

11-29-06, 11:18 am
Hi Antonio, I'm french and from Montreal. Just finish my first C&C cage for my bunnies and pigs. Since I have a small appartment I have to manage with what I have.I write in english here because there is not to many people who can understand french and it makes me practice my writing in english :)

11-29-06, 07:49 pm

Hi, I just came back in this forum. Is there anybody from Montreal?

11-29-06, 07:51 pm
Hi ,

I'am from Montreal. I just came on the forum.


12-30-06, 12:17 pm

Ive been in the process of building a C&C cage for a little while now. Ive got all my cubes, and the frame of the cage set up, but now I cant find Coroplast. I tried the local Reno Depot, and some of the industrial sign stores (but they dont take orders under 50$ :weepy: ) Does anyone know where I could get Coroplast? Preferably on the West Island???

01-02-07, 08:37 am
Try Home Depot, that's were I got mine.

01-03-07, 11:05 am
Which HomeDepot was it?

01-18-07, 08:38 am
Hi there!

I am in Granby and I also found my coroplast at Home Depot.

What I can't find is pellets. Does anyone have access to Oxbow pellets?

J'en ai besoins au PC!

Merci, thanks!


01-27-07, 05:20 pm
I got my coroplast at the Reno-Depot in Pointe Claire (beside Fairview)

03-25-07, 02:44 pm
I come from Montreal Quebec and speak french and english very well, english is my first language but I started learning french at...... huh?.....5?
Ya 5. And Orkid you can buy timothy hay and pellets at Walt-Mart in the pet section. Some people might think Walt-Mart? for my piggy's food? are you sure it's edible? My piggy's been eating it for 3 years now and she's in good health even though she's a bit lazy. but DON'T buy the pellets with vegetable's in it, those are not good for them.

01-15-08, 11:38 am
allo la grande! je suis de st-jean sur richelieu mais je viens de montreal, je sias que sa fait 2 ans que tu as ecrit ton message mais jespere que nous pourrons corespondre.

jai 3 cochons dindes, mes trois filles et je cherche moi aussi des gnes dans les environs de montreal a qui je pourrait parler.

jespere que tu vas repondre.

hey girl! im from st-jean-sur-richlieu but i come from montreal, i know its been 2 years taht you wrote your post but im hoping ta we will be able to talk.

i have three pigies, my three girl et im looking someone also to talk with.

hope to receive a post from you.

08-26-10, 04:28 pm
Bonjour!!! Enfin du monde de la region.
Je suis a Quebec, d'autres?

J'ai trouvé ceci dans un autre post (found that in another thread) Montreal Critters — Welcome to Montreal Critters (http://montrealcritters.com/)

they have oxbow stuff and ship in the province
Ils ont les produits Oxbow et expedient dans la province

J'ai pris mon coroplast chez un fabricant d'enseigne. Found my coroplast in a signs making shop.

08-26-10, 05:45 pm
I'm from quebec (the eastern townships), and i've had to take french class all my life but i absolutely suck at it haha!

08-26-10, 06:03 pm
I'm from Ontario, and I can't speak French well at all.
We learned it in school of course but all they taught us was silly phrases that will never be of any use.
Je suis mange la pizza.

08-26-10, 06:12 pm
Hey Everyone,

I live in montreal, and Im interested in building my own cavy cage for my two pigs. (their cage is becoming too small!) I cant find cubes ANYWHERE. Clorosplast either. Any suggestions on where I could get some.

I got my coroplast at Omer Deserre, this is the link for where they have the store in montreal DeSerres (http://www.deserres.ca/en-ca/customer-service/our-stores/#) , they also have some at home depot but it was more expensive and they didn't have the right size for the cage i wanted to build. Oh and also omer deserre has all different colors since it is an art store after all :)

08-26-10, 07:37 pm
I lived 2 years near Barrie in Ontario. But I'm back in Quebec. I realised sadly that we arent very well served for animals things around here. Maybe if I get a run somewhere in Ontario I will stack a lot hahaha. But for now I will order from that store in montreal

Helena's Cavies
10-10-10, 12:55 am
Salut le monde! je suis nouvelle sur ce charmant forum! :D
Je suis née et j'ai passé la première moitié de ma vie dans la Belle Capitale (Ville de Québec). Je vis maintenant dans la région de la Capitale Nationale (Ottawa). Au plaisir de vous croiser et de participer aux différents dossier sur le forum, soit en français ou en anglais.

Hi everyone! I'm new on this wonderful forum! :D
I was born and lived the first half of my life in la Belle Capitale (Quebec City). I now live in the National Capital Region (Ottawa). I'm looking forward to meeting you and to participating on different topics on the forum, either in French or in English.

10-10-10, 11:17 am
Bienvenue a toi!

Helena's Cavies
10-10-10, 01:38 pm
Bienvenue a toi!

isn't there a thread for coroplast & such accessories? isn't it better to follow up on the topic in the appropriate section to facilitate searches :important

meanwhile, in our area, it is currently available at home reno places (reno depot, rona, home depot, etc) AND at artists supplies stores (wallacks, deserres, loomis, etc) for cheaper than sign companies...

as an example, here at wallacks artists supplies store, a full pannel 4'x8' in the 4mm sells $28cdn and the 6mm sells $37cdn

recycling coro pannels after elections is a great option too - certainly ECONO AND ECOLO - until one can afford, or prefers to buy a clean pannel... i have 2 small pieces found after elections... however, who wants to have these guys' faces and vibrations in his/her home :silly: