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08-23-06, 11:18 am
Okay I have decided to get a piggy after all. I've decided to get a C&C cage but idk what to put it in...like I see some people with newspaper laid down and like aspen on top then I see some with fleece....what is the best option?

08-23-06, 11:37 am
we in germany do saw filings on the floor.
here is a photo:
Kostenlos Bilder und Dateien hochladen - Datei: HPIM2373.JPG (http://loaditup.de/20691.html)
I hope you can see something.
Edit: iīm german so my english isnīt very good, sorry

08-23-06, 11:41 am
To me it looks kinda like aspen. I have an idea though. I'll buy some fleece from walmart I'll get some old towels no one uses (like the kind you use to dry the car after washing it) and wash those on the cycle that takes HOURS (like 3) and the water gets it extra hot so its extra clean and put that under the fleece and get some newspaper or regular white printer paper (would that work because my dad gets that for free and he also told them not to delieve newspapers anymore so i would have to buy that). you would think regular printer paper was better because it wouldn't have any ink on it. But my question is what do you do when you are cleaning the fleece?

Percy's Mom
08-23-06, 11:47 am
I throw mine in the washer. Hot water, double rinse. Of course you'll need to shake the poos and hay off. And if you decide to go with fleece, you'll need either a small broom and dustpan to sweep up everyday, or a handvac to clean up the poops.

White printer paper isn't going to do anything for you except get wet and nasty. Newspaper is slightly better, but I still don't personally like it. I have a layer of puppy pad, then old towel, then fleece.

Your best bet on all of this is to do forum searches. In the upper right corner, you'll find search blocks that you can type in keywords for what you are looking for. You will also want to skim through a lot of the posts in the different sections of the forum. All of the information you need is out there.

08-23-06, 11:48 am
Okay thank you