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Wicked Angel
08-23-06, 11:07 am
Hi everybody....

A friend of mine told me about your forum so I thought I will take a look

Im coming from Germany (Mannheim). My husband is american and stationed here.
Right now we got 3 guineapigs, ok.... next week it will be 4 and 3 rabbits.





I hope iŽll meet here some nice people to talk to....
]bye bye Nadja

piggly wiggly
08-23-06, 01:32 pm
You have some really pretty pets. Welcome.

08-23-06, 02:43 pm
Hallo! Wilkommen! :)

08-23-06, 02:54 pm
Hello, welcome. That's a wicked cage!!! Is the ramp safe??

08-23-06, 04:08 pm
Welcome to the forum!

08-24-06, 03:35 am
I am from Germany, too. And I don't live far away from Mannheim. That's cool.

Nice cage.


08-24-06, 02:47 pm
Welcome! Great pictures! I love the grey rabbit. Beautiful GP's too.

08-24-06, 03:54 pm
Welcome! My grandfather was born and raised in Germany :) Your pets are all adorable! What are their names? Also, did you make the cage and little house yourself? It is precious! -Allie

08-24-06, 04:02 pm
Wow, i love your cage!

You have very pretty pets!

Wicked Angel
08-26-06, 11:53 am
Thank you all....

I forgot to write the names of my sweeties....

The white rabbit is Hazel
The grey rabbit is Jenny
and the brown one is Melody

The GP on the left is Lisa, the one in the middle is Moritz and on the left is Mona.

The ramp is safe. Just the guineapigs are living in this cage. They are running up and down whenever they want. I built all up by myself. It took me about 1 week.
My rabbits got a normal plastic cage, but the door of it is open all day, so they are able to run aroud in the living room. All the cabels in the room are saved up so nothing can happen.

08-26-06, 01:35 pm
all your animals are so cute, and welcome
i also love the names

08-26-06, 02:05 pm
I love your cage! Welcome. My parents lived in Heidelburg Germany for over 2 years and loved it. I do not know if that is close to you. Welcome! It looks as though you will fit in perfectly. What is your cage constructed of and how did you build it?

Wicked Angel
08-26-06, 02:33 pm
Heidelberg is right beside Mannheim. With car I just need about 10min. Ok, sometimes 5min. depends how fast im driving *smile*
The cage is completly out of wood. If your looking on the first stage (the one on the floor) u see something black near the ground. Thats the pond foil, so the wood will stay clean. Its so easy to clean it and the guineapigs love it. Through the glas I can see what they are doing all day, its better than watching TV. And i dont need to go on my knees anymore if i wanna feed them, thats really good for my back.
I constructed it by myelf. I was sitting here one evening and was painting what I would like to have. A good friend of mine helped me to build it up.

08-26-06, 02:44 pm
You did a great job. I especially love their hidey house.

08-26-06, 04:26 pm
Hello, and welcome! I love your piggies, and your bunnies (especially Melody - who looks very sweet!)

I also like your cage, and see the 'foil' now! Is it fixed onto the wood - or can you roll all the bedding up in it for easier transportation, at clean out time?

I really like the plexi-glass, and laughed out loud at your comment about it being better than watching TV! How true!

08-26-06, 07:16 pm
Cute bunnies and cute pigs! I really like the "palace" hidey house in the middle of the top level. Did you build that part too?

08-27-06, 11:14 am
Your family is lovely! And your cage truly fascinates me! What type of wood did you use? Would love to know a little more about the construction. The building (seems too elaborate to call a hidey house :)) you have inside is fabulous! How difficult is the cage to clean? Great job!