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08-21-06, 06:45 pm
I doubt anyone will be on my side over this and I kind of want to question the entire thing.

I just received a poo for using my own smilie symbols [I'm not putting them here because I'm not interested in another poo] and I don't really understand why I can't use them. It was explained to me why I can't use "Net Chat" [internet abbreviations for whole phrases, etc.] and that's all fine and dandy because I don't mind typing the whole thing out.

However, I don't understand the smilie thing. It would be convenient to have an explanation or a change of some sort as the rule seems mildly ridiculous to me.

08-21-06, 06:50 pm
Really it just clutters up the page. A lot of people don't understand that those symbols when put together is supposed to be a smile (i.e. ^_^ or o.O). Although it may seem obvious to those of us who have used them before, to someone who have not it just seems like random jebberish, or accidental key hittings. You are capable of conveying what you mean through your words, so they're not necessary. A mod may have more insight, but that's how I see it. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Your poo will be gone in a month.

08-21-06, 06:53 pm
That's what I hope ... it will be gone. But these are my everyday smilies that I'm used to and are not prohibited on the forums I participate on so when I come here I don't even think about it and I pop one in there.

Man ...

The part that made me feel bad is the PM I got accused me of "ignoring my warnings", which is poppycock. I heard it loud and clear but it's still such an odd rule and really works against my habits.

08-21-06, 06:57 pm
Well you did get a wheek several days before hand, and those smilies are technically chat speak. I really wouldn't be concerned about it. The mods are just trying to keep everyone in line. The PMs you get for Poos and Wheeks are standard. I use those faces too while I'm in chats or instant messages, so I know how hard it is to break the habit. But now I spell check all of my posts because I'm an awful speller. So when I saw a smiley underlined in red I deleted it. Don't worry 1 poo only lasts a month.

08-21-06, 07:01 pm
Thank you for the input. I'll probably poo my way out of here but I appreciate the advice and the explanations. :)

08-21-06, 07:01 pm
Your poo will actually be gone in 2 weeks. Seeing as I am the one that gave it to you. I will explain to you and quote the rule to you about them about why we dislike seeing symbols used to represent smilies.

First of all, it is posted in our rules in two places about smilie use. In case you haven't read it, here it is from this link- http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/about-guinea-pigs-announcement-posting-rules.html

Smilies Rule: Smilies are a privilege, not a right. We do not want to see 3 or more smilies in every post. In fact, we still expect you to refrain from using them. They are NOT punctuation. Also please refrain from using symbols that are used to represent smilies. If you occasionally want to use a smilie, we have many to choose from. Smilies should only be used in approximately 10% of your posts. Abuse will result in temporary suspension of posting privileges!

and from this post- http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/policies-guidelines/16591-smilies-use-discretion.html


Because that's they way we like it. We are a mature, adult-oriented forum. You must have parental permission to post if you are under 13. This is not a kid's chat forum. LOL or a smiley face is NOT punctuation for the end of every sentence. That is a pet peeve of ours. We value real content in the posts on this forum, not a lot of filler internet chat-speak prolific with graphics and symbols.

08-21-06, 07:07 pm
Opps. See? Two weeks, even better.

08-21-06, 07:08 pm
Yeah, but even after reading the "Why" part, it still doesn't explain why the smilies I use are restriced. In any case, I'll do my best to refrain form using them.

I'm sorry that I don't understand Ly, and I hope I can clear it up.

08-21-06, 07:09 pm
OPM, different impactions carry different times. Some expire after 14 days, some 30, some 60 and the severe penalties are 24 months.

08-21-06, 07:11 pm
The smiles are restricted to the ones we have available here on the forum, that come out and appear like graphic smilies. The symbols that look to you like a smiley face of some kind sometimes, especially to the computer illiterate (like me) don't look like smilies and are quite confusing.

I don't understand the angst over this. There are smilies here that are available to be used, what's the problem?

08-21-06, 07:15 pm
The biggest reasons we ask for symbols not to be used is that many people don't understand what they are supposed to represent, the fact that they just clutter up posts, and the fact that they add no actual value to the forum.

I am not trying to be mean or anything but I hope you can work with me and the other mods here and try very hard not to use them anymore.

08-21-06, 07:15 pm
I simply do not understand the rule. That's all. I read over everything and I still simply don't get it. Maybe I'm just stubborn.

You can't be that compuer illiterate, you get on and post here just fine.

08-21-06, 07:17 pm
Alright. I understand you, Ly. I'm going to try to stop using them. I am.

Thanks. I just needed a more clear-cut reason than, "We're adults."

08-21-06, 07:17 pm
Just ask the other mods how much they've had to coach me through everything. :)

The rule is no smilies other than the ones available here on the forum and smilies in no more than in 10% of your posts. What do you not understand?

08-21-06, 07:19 pm
Just ask the other mods how much they've had to coach me through everything. :)

The rule is no smilies other than the ones available here on the forum and smilies in no more than in 10% of your posts. What do you not understand?

I did not understand the reasoning behind the rule. I know the rule, I didn't understand the reason as to why such a rule was put in place considering this is the only forum I have ever been on that told me I could not use smilie symbols and I could only use the ones available a certain amount.

That's all. Ly cleared it all up for me. We're good now.

08-21-06, 07:28 pm
Glad that it's all cleared up now.

08-22-06, 04:50 pm
I found it ironic that this thread was sponsored by "Free Smilies! at smileycentral.com". LOL.

08-22-06, 06:23 pm
I know. I love that! :)

08-22-06, 09:20 pm
Thats hilarious!! It's quite a slice of irony. Thanks for pointing that out ellenvega!

08-23-06, 03:23 pm
If someone has time, could an official list of "legal" smiley short codes be published. I type my posts out as it's a ton quicker then waiting for "Go Advanced" to load and waiting for the smilies to appear after I click them (I only have 256 RAM right now. *pout*)

I am sure a few smiley symbol codes have sliped by me. If no one has the time or of it would take forever then don't bother. I'll edit out any smilies that don't show up graphically. I always give my post one last check after they load anyway. Ya'll know how much I love the sound of my own "voice". :p

Good thing this thread brought this to my attention before I got a "poo".

smileyface cavy
08-23-06, 03:34 pm
It's VERY ironic that the "Restrict your smilies" thread was sponsored by free smilies!

08-24-06, 10:37 am
Haha! That IS ironic.