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08-19-06, 11:18 pm
I never did introduce my bunnies on here. So ... here goes!

Punk [Polish, Male]:


I got Punk from a pet store. I know, I'm horrible. He was binkying like a crazy man and he was missexed by the ladies that worked there who, without any sort of hesitation, insisted he was a she. So Punk was originally Isabelle. His name was changed one day when I noticed bunny testicles and thought about how stupid those girls are. He's my baby boy and my best travel buddy.

Combat [Holland Lop, Male]:



Combat was a personal rescue. He was the pet of a classmate's sister and the family refused to give him any sort of care at all. There were weeds growing out of his bottom waste trays because his feces had been mixed with his food for so long. He's blind and his food container was on a sub-level. The family had taken out the ramp so he had to jump off and when he did his head went crashing into the corner of the metal bars of his cage. He had a huge ball of feces stuck to his butt because he is "bottom heavy", which means his rearend is too big and he cannot reach around and clean it himself. He was very lethargic when I got him but is quite a bit more active now. I believe he is also deaf, I intend to find out during his next vet visit which I plan to be in September. He relies on touch and smell to get around, mostly. But he is now a very active, very naughty little bunny!

Bunny Fufu [French Lop, Male]:



Bunny Fufu was my sister's rabbit. Before I went down to visit her she indicated that she couldn't keep caring for him and wanted me to take him so she could be sure he went to a good home. He was also missexed. So he endured the 9 hour car ride to my place [she lives in Tennessee, I live in Michigan] and made this place his new home.

08-20-06, 04:42 am
Very beautiful bunnies. My Jackie, is a Holland Lop with the brown and white colorings of your Combat. She only has one ear, thanks to an encounter with a dog. Jamie Fuzzy Wuzzy is a Lop with gray and white fuzzy long hair. My grand-daughter also has a Holland Lop. Very dark brown and white. His name is Soso.

08-20-06, 05:19 am
What beautiful bunnies! If I didn't have a bunny allergy - I'd pop over and give them all a cuddle! Bunny Fufu is especially adorable in that top picture!

08-20-06, 08:05 pm
Thanks, guys! Bunny Fufu seems to be an all-time favorite. Both of those photos are from his first day here. He made himself very comfortable. :D

08-20-06, 08:10 pm
They are all very sweet! Some day I will have a house rabbit. It has always been a dream of mine (of course I have "always" wanted most animals....)

08-21-06, 06:32 am
Great bunnies! That first picture looks like it was taken mid-binky!

08-24-06, 12:02 pm
They're adorable! And kudos on rescuing Combat :).