View Full Version : Are these cages good for buns?

08-19-06, 08:33 pm
hi, new to this forum. I found this website on google when searching for a 2 story rabbit hutch.

I would have never thought of using those wire panels to make cages! basically I was intrested in making a 2 story cage for my 2 rabbits. they would be seperate because the bonding thing isnt really working in my favor right now, so for now I wanted to keep them seperate.

has anyone ever made one of these "c-c" cages for their rabbits before? how did it work out?

I plan on using that plastic cardboard stuff I read about, it seems like it would work good. I might line it with more stuff because my buns poop and pee like crazy, and one isnt potty trained yet.

Also I couldnt find anything on the site about making doors.

well thanks!


08-19-06, 08:49 pm
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