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08-17-06, 05:59 pm
Meet my new rabbit Tchoupitoulas (chop-iah-tool-as) or Tchoupa (Chop-ah) for short.

After a minor skirmish with the SPCA that is not at the moment adopting out any rabbits I managed to get some strings pulled and went to go and adopt a rabbit for my neitered male Patches.

Patches was neutered in hopes of getting a girlfriend. After meeting all the boys and girls at the SPCA--Of course, he decided on a boy.

Here he is


I may be going back soon to get another very old and battered New Zealand White to foster. He's in pretty poor shape and could use a happy ending. I'll be fostering him until the NO House Rabbit Rescue can find a longer term foster or forever home.

Slap Maxwell
08-17-06, 07:33 pm
Stunning rabbit! Reminds me of my Ollie.

08-17-06, 07:34 pm
He looks like a great big mellow boy. I absolutely love the big white buns; especially the himilayan/Californian ones! How did you come up with the name?

My Baby Mu
08-17-06, 07:41 pm
He is a cutie pie!

08-17-06, 07:43 pm
He is a stunning fellow! Is his hair shorter or is it the camera? His body type looks very much like he could be a rex cross. I hope the boys have a happy life of being bestest buddies. I took in a foster New Zealand that they estimated at about 7, a senior citizen. He was so messed up and weak, I decided with a heart murmur and a limited prognosis, it would be unfair to rehome him and I would just let him live out however much time he had left here. I was expecting from what the vet said for a year at best. Sugar lived for another 7 years!! He had cataracts, was deaf, and started getting a little stiff jointed in the end but with a little TLC, he was a dynamo. Keep us posted on the NZ you may be fostering, I have a soft spot for them! Your bun is so cute! Congrats to both of you.

08-17-06, 10:11 pm
He's a Handsome boy ! ! , congrats on getting him. I love the Californian breed.

08-18-06, 01:23 am
What a beautiful boy! He looks so soft. My two just love each other. It's great your two get along. Kudos to you for taking the old guy and giving him your best. Any pictures of him?

08-18-06, 04:29 am
What a pretty bun and an unusual name! What does it mean?

08-18-06, 06:41 am
VJ he is beautiful.

08-18-06, 07:45 am
He's gorgeous! I love the big bunnies... I have a soft spot for BWBs (Big White Bunnies), pink eyes and all. They're so misunderstood!

Good luck with the bonding... in all the bunny dates I've supervised or participated in, male/female is easiest, but male/male has only been slightly harder.

08-18-06, 09:09 am
Thanks for all the compliments. He is rather handsome but it was Patches' choice. He actually passed up two sweet and pretty little dwarf girls and seemed to like this big guy best. That's fine by me. I'm happy if Patches and his new friend are happy and I'm fond of the great big buns anyway.

How did you come up with the name?
Tchoupitoulas is the name of a street here in N'Awlins. It runs along the river on the west side of the French Quarter. In the French Quarter and running east (in my neighborhood) it is called South Peters.

It is close to a Choctaw word meaning Mudfish (choupique). Here is a quote to a story about how Tchoupitoulas St. got it's name

there's a story that tchoupitoulas got its name because a frenchman was passing a choctaw fishing in the bayou and he asked him how it was going, the choctaw responded, "choupique est tous la," meaning "the mudfish is all here." hence, tchoupitoulas. probably not true, but i like the story.
Metroblogging New Orleans: Don't know if any of you caught this... (http://neworleans.metblogs.com/archives/2005/09/dont_know_if_an.phtml)

Is his hair shorter or is it the camera? I think it's the camera. He has normal length hair for a N.Z. or a Calif I believe. It's nice and thick though.

Keep us posted on the NZ you may be fostering, I have a soft spot for them! I will, if I manage to swing it. I'm going to see if I can find someone else to foster though and I will happily pull the bun, take care of his first vet visit and transport. He is one that people must see pictures of. He is so sad and pathetic looking. He has had one heck of a rough life but seems to be a sweet boy with people and would probably do well if neutered and paired with a female.

08-18-06, 10:05 am
What a doll. :)

08-18-06, 11:38 am
He is beautiful. His nose looks air brushed.

08-18-06, 02:49 pm
He's gorgeous! Congrats! I hope the bonding is fast and uneventful!:)

I hope you get the New Zealand. They're so beautiful, and it sounds like he really could use some TLC.

08-19-06, 11:01 am
Congratulations! He is so handsome. Love the name!


09-30-06, 03:50 pm
Any updates? Are the boys bonded now?

09-30-06, 09:21 pm
Tchoup is now 3 weeks past his neuter and I have started bonding the boys. So far it's going okay. For right now I am bonding them outside. I take them out front where it is small and fenced (and neutral) and allow them to explore together. For the last 3 days they have gotten on well. No fights but no grooming yet either. I think in the end it will all work out. Each keeps presenting to the other to be groomed but so far neither has actually groomed the other.

I'm going to give them a few more days to see if they figure it out. If not I'll rub some fruit on their foreheads and see if that stimulates some grooming. Tchoup definitely wants to be friends with Patches as he makes a point of seeking him out to lie next to (or on top of) and Patches allows that but Patch is a little more reserved in seeking out Tchoup although while they are both exploring Patch will follow Tchoup around.

In short, so far so good, it will just take time.

10-01-06, 07:16 am
Thanks for the update! We were talking about male/male bonding on another forum, and I thought of you and your boys. You're having an easier time than I did with my two pairs. I hope they start grooming soon!

lynn's Cavies
10-01-06, 11:04 am
Yes, definitley keep us posted on their bonding progress. I am very curious about male rabbits that get along. I have always been told that males will fight and I think this is a myth, as it is with male guinea pigs.

Of course, some animals fight regardless of whether or not they are male or female.

I hope they are bonded soon and congrats on the adoption! He's a gorgeous bunny!

10-01-06, 11:51 am
It is a complete myth that males will not bond. In fact several years ago I had two unneutered males who were tightly bonded. In fact when one of them died the other died a few days later form what seemed to be grief and loss. There was no illness involved that would have caused the second death. Granted the second rabbit that died was elderly but it seemed that he was only sticking around for his friend and once his friend was gone he just gave up.

Those two were introduced when the older one was an adult and the younger one was a juvenile so they didn't even grow up together.

It is rare for two unneutered males to get along so well but I witnessed myself that it is possible.

lynn's Cavies
10-01-06, 08:13 pm
That is wonderful to hear, VoodooJoint. I'm glad it is simply a myth about males not getting along.