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08-16-06, 08:52 am
I am so bummed! My old, old, computor won't let me in the chat room. It keeps reading" media to slow, will render your computor unresponsive." I am not to computor savoy. Is this something that can be fixed? Or am I forever out of the chat room?:weepy:

08-16-06, 10:06 am
Sorry darling. I don't think there's anything to be done for it. Perhaps it's time to move into this decade? :) You can pick up very decent used computers for next to nothing in the want ads or Craig's list or something. I'm sure there are other aspects of your computer life that would be made better, too!

08-16-06, 10:25 am
I am hoping to get a new computor soon. Would like a digital camera also.
This computor won't do pictures either.

08-16-06, 10:50 am
Yup, sounds like you've got yourself a boat anchor. :)

08-16-06, 11:08 am
At least I can get on the forum! I'd be lost if I couldn't! I am so addicted! Help, I need GP annymous (spelling)!:sick:

08-17-06, 05:01 pm
Is it your computer or internet connection?

08-17-06, 11:52 pm
I think it's my computor. It's old. When I to on chat, it reads something about the media player being to slow and if it continues will make the whole computor unresponsive. It is on a dail up connection with NetZero as the internet server.

08-18-06, 06:49 am
Suzi you poor girl!!!!!

08-18-06, 07:19 am
It may be worth calling around and getting hourly rates from several computer shops. I use my computer mainly for my business and it was getting slower and slower, I called around and found a guy that actually came to my house, removed things that I didn't need, and added alot more memory and tweaked my system. The total bill was $190. If you only need the computer for pleasure, I am sure you could do with alot less memory, either way it is still alot cheaper than a new computer!

08-18-06, 06:51 pm
Wow Suz. I'm sorry you have such a crummy computer. If you were close to me I'd give you my old one. It's in perfect condition and would serve you really well, it's just the tower though. Good luck with your search for a better one.

08-28-06, 07:22 pm
Mine isn't too slow, we have cable internet, but when I open it, I can either see the background, or sometimes the chat bar, but then it read, that there is an error in the Flash something or other, but it happens for some of the games I play on Neopets too. Hrm, when I get my laptop life will be much easier I suppose.

09-02-06, 12:21 am
Hey Suzi, I really wish you could get on the chat. You would be fun in there and with your knowledge you would have a lot to share. If you choose to have your computer rebuilt or have one built for you, let me know, I have a lot of connections to computer nerds. Dial up connection is also not the easiest to work with, in todays computer technology of high speed. If you are interested in upgrading your computer either by a rebuild if possible or having a new one built, send me an e-mail and I will do for you what I can.

fashion victim
10-24-06, 01:15 am
This home computer is YEARS old, and all it needed to work better was the latest windows edition (XP) and an update to 512 RAM (so the computer works faster). My ex is a computer technician so he did it for free muahaha. If you have any questions you can ask me and I'll pass on the question to him.

10-29-06, 09:58 am
It's alright. I don't go in the chat room. Maybe one day you can get a new computer?