View Full Version : He's gone...

08-15-06, 11:13 am
My guinea pig Scooter, passed away yesterday. he was a little older than three. :weepy:

May he rest in peace. :tombstone

08-15-06, 11:22 am
I am so sorry to hear of your lost. May you be in everyones thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace Scooter.

Pamela Barr
08-15-06, 11:30 am
It makes me tear up to read "In Memory" threads but I sometimes do anyway. I haven't lost a piggie yet and hate to think about when the time comes. They are such sweet little creatures. I try to take lots of pigtures so I can always remember them. Take care.

Percy's Mom
08-15-06, 12:40 pm
My condolences on your loss Marisa. I hope you have many many more happy years with Quiver, and you both help each other through your sadness.

08-15-06, 03:02 pm
I'm so sorry.

RIP Scooter

08-15-06, 06:37 pm
I'm sorry, its a real kicker to lose a pet. Sorry, I'm sure he was happy having you as an owner.