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08-14-06, 01:36 pm
Here's another question. Currently, I use the cardboard box I brought my piggie home in. It's one of those Petsmart ones (not to worry, Freddie was there as a part of the rescue group). The last time I was in Petsmart, I saw these travelling carriers that looked to be for small animals. They were padded with colorful cloth and a strap for hanging off your shoulder. I've included a link below of a simular one.

Would buying one of these be recommended instead of using the cardboard carrier (which is starting to wear)? My cavy vet is all of three streets over and Freddie wouldn't spend much time in the carrier. The only other times he's in a carrier is when I remove him from the room to vacuum.

The link: PetSmart - Super Pet Come Along Pet Carriers (http://www.petsmart.com/global/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=84552444178 1581&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302026331&ASSORTMENT%3C%3East_id=2534374302023695&bmUID=1155583974196&itemNo=21&Nao=12&Ntt=carrier&In=All&previousText=carrier&N=2)

Percy's Mom
08-14-06, 04:29 pm
My vet is around the corner, so I have a couple of those carriers as well. Percy seems to like his. The girls haven't had a chance to experience it yet. When I put Percy in, I fold up a towel and let him sit on that. The bottom of those carriers is a slick vinyl. Both ends unzip to open, so it's pretty easy to get him out.

08-17-06, 07:28 pm
Okay. I didn't realized the bottoms were slick. I think if I buy one of the store carriers, it would be better than the cardboard one. He has a tendency to pee during travel and the cardboard is starting to curl. Do you think the vinyl would withstand a handwashing from time to time?

Percy's Mom
08-17-06, 07:51 pm
I wipe mine out with vinegar and water after every use and toss the towel I use for padding in the wash.

08-17-06, 08:13 pm
We purchase two of these carriers

Fizbit would chew on the thin black vinyl that is on the door flap, so we no longer use this type.

Now we use a hard molded, small animal carriers. Smaller than the size that a person might get for a cat. This has worked well for our boys.


Slap Maxwell
08-18-06, 08:59 am
I prefer the hard airline approved carriers.

08-18-06, 09:21 am
In the super pet carrier, when they pee, it goes right through the bottom. I had mine on my lap a couple times and she peed, and it went right through the bottom and onto my pants. I accidentally put it in the washer, and it tore up the vinyl some. hand washing would be better, but wiping with the vinegar would be best.

08-18-06, 11:40 am
I have a cloth one for trips to the vet or short visits out. They do nibble on it.

08-18-06, 05:24 pm
I use a hard top cat carrier and I fold up a thick towel and put it in the bottom. It works really well.