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08-13-06, 05:16 pm
Me and my husband (no kids) have 2 piggies and 1 (soon to be 2) rabbit.

They are house animals, the piggies in a large hutch run (11sq foot ground floor 6 sq foot top floor)

The rabbit is free range majority of the day, but kep in the 2nd bedroom at night.

We did have our 1st piggy free range in their with her at first, and our parents thought we were odd enough then. But then we found out that rabbits and piggies shouldn't be kept together (wish we were told that before) so got new piggy, and housed existing piggie with him.

We are also in the process of adopting a partner for our rabbit, but she needs to be spayed first, so waiting on that.

Our parents think we are bonkers for getting 2 more pets lol.

Eventually we will probably get more piggies and build a multi storey C&C cage, so they will probably think we have gone crackers then.

Have not uploaded the piggies pictures yet, but here is our rabbit Peta

Peta's pics (http://www.angelfire.com/planet/smallanimals/peta_pics/)

08-13-06, 07:44 pm
She's adorable! Your house sounds a bit like I want to have someday. We only have one rabbit, one dog, and two fish. But our family is so passionate about animals (particularly me) that I am sure many people in our neighborhood think we're nuts, so you're not alone!

piggly wiggly
08-13-06, 08:23 pm
You are definately not alone. I have two piggies (one skinny and one guinea) a cat, 4 dogs and a fish. And I also foster dogs for the min pin rescue. Everybody thinks I am off my rocker because I have so many animals. All are well taken care of and I am on a first name basis with my vet, so I tell people it does not matter how many animals I have aslong as they are all cared for and have the vet care they need.. ( I also have three children) my house can get kind of crazy. hehe

08-14-06, 06:29 am
My husband thinks I am crazy we have a 55 gallon fish tank which I am building my shcool of Oranda, Shubunkin, and Ryhkin(sp) goldfish. Right now there are 6. We also have to dogs and 3 Guineas.

But he doesn't think I am as crazy as my mother-in law. She has 4 dogs, 2 birds, 3 salt water aquariums, and 1 cat. And she is in the process of getting another cat now. She did try doing the foster thing herself, but just ended up adding them to the family.

11-05-06, 10:42 pm
wow if you guys think your weird try my 3 people family! in our house hold, we own 1 bunny, 7 horses 6 dogs 2 cats 9 chickens and like 1000 sheep 100 cows....we lve on a farm of coarse but over the years we have had over 100 house\\family pets. ok...well every one at my school thinks of me "animal crazy" and nearly everone at own house has been :eek: at all our pets hehe! *giggles* bye bye!

06-17-07, 08:49 pm
um....5 cats...1 bun, 2 gerbils...was 4 till recently :( so crazy yes...

06-18-07, 07:33 pm
This is a very old thread. Vics2004 has not posted since 11-06. She may not answer this thread.:eek:
I too have many animals. I have been nuts my whole life.