View Full Version : Looking for some Guinea Pigs!!!!

07-27-04, 02:40 am

any1 know if there sites that u can order guinea pigs from? b/c i dont got any pet shops or anything around here anymore and walmart use too have them but they dont anymore and im looking to get some more guinea pigs , i use too have two but i had to sale them b/c i was moving soo..much and now im not moving anymore so..now i want to get some more =)

i hope u all understand me lol

Im From Northeast Indiana,USA

07-27-04, 06:10 pm
=( no one dont wanna reply to me

07-28-04, 08:14 am
Have a look at this site http://www.cavyrescue.com/ for resources for finding rescue pigs near you. Some rescues will help arrange transport for getting the pets you adopt to you too.

If you've had to rehome your pets in the past, I'm sure you will think very seriously about whether you can be sure you will be able to offer them a secure home for the next 5-7 years. If you're in any doubt that things may change in the next few years, then see if you can help out at a local rescue or shelter to involve yourself in caring for animals rather than taking on the responsibility of a new pet yourself.

All the best.

My Baby Mu
08-08-04, 12:02 pm
You can go to www.petfinder.com (http://www.petfinder.com) for them.

08-08-04, 01:48 pm
Along with the above choices, look for local shelters and rescues on the www.cavyrescue.com (http://www.cavyrescue.com) site and do a google search for "guinea pig rescue _____" with the blnk space being where you live. Good luck! =)