View Full Version : Fixed their wagon!!

07-26-04, 06:02 pm
My 2 girls have been really enjoying burring under the diapers where they overlap. There's not much point having them there if they're going to be doing that :( I got quite grumpy because they were making a real mess. Now, the diapers I use aren't prefolded. So I got out the trusty sewing machine and sewed the diapers together into a big blanket.:) Now they can't get in under it and scrunch all the diapers up and make a mess. It also makes cleaning the cage easier because I just pick it all up together and take it outside to shake, then into the wash. I have enough to make two and, when my son is finally toilet trained, I will probably have four of them. The girls aren't really impressed but I certainly am! lol

07-27-04, 10:52 am
That sounds like a really cool idea. You don't waste money on bedding and you can always wash the cloth out easily! That's really neat how you made it be one big blanket. I think I might try that with fleece or something. Thanks for the idea! =)

08-10-04, 07:52 am
I have used baby diapers since the first day I brought my piggies home, along with waterproof lap pads when we are holding the pigs. The diapers are soft and the lap pads protect our clothing if they pee. I use the diapers in their cage for beds, too. I also take them outside and shake them off and then to the washer. They have come to be very comforted by the diapers (we call them Lovies).