View Full Version : I finally got my cage!!!

08-08-06, 08:24 pm
Oh I'm so excited after about a year of reading this site(and begging parents to get a cage) I finally got one! I'm so excited and got everything together and it looks so nice. I have two guineapigs and the cage is a 2x5. Then around next week I'm getting another so it is going to be perfect size for them all! I'm very happy that I got their cage and they seem happy to. One of my guineapigs, Tulia, was looking around, she walked all over, then started squeking at me. I laughed at her and pet her. I'm glad they got all the room now. I love it and I'm sure they do to!

08-08-06, 08:35 pm
Congratulations on your new cage ! Im sure you will see a big diffrence in your pigs behavior , more weeks , popcorning , over all happier pigs . Parents can be tough sometimes but if you listen , compermise , and talk reasonable , in time anything can be accomplished .Im sure waiting a year was tough for you but it was worth it in the end right . Can't wait to see some pictures .

08-08-06, 09:11 pm
Congrats on building a cage and welcoming a new addition to your home. I can't wait to see pigtures.

08-08-06, 10:51 pm
Don't forget to add a testimonial to the site!

08-09-06, 02:47 pm
Do your parents 'see' the difference now? Just wondering. I am happy for you and the pigs.

08-09-06, 05:08 pm
Yes one of my guineapigs are pretty calm but my youngest one, Tulia is so excited. She runs our of her pigloo and around the cage and back. Susie stares at her and soon walks around and zips right back to her hiding spot. The first night we put them in, Tulia was walking around and I entered the room and she started to stare at me and squek. It was the cutest thing ever :). But ya my dad looked at it and was like...."oh my word" I started laughing and my mom really likes it so I'm happy we finally got it. I'll try to get some pictures(I'm struggling with the pictures thing) but someone sent me intructions so I'll try again. :)