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08-08-06, 01:52 pm
hi there,
I searched the forum for this, but it didn't want to help out.
"CavyCages Googlemap Direct Link" - what exactly is it and how do I add it? I mean I see it in the profile editor, but what info do I need to type in? Am I missing the obvious? I usually do. ;)

08-08-06, 04:30 pm
It was something we had before the upgrades. It just plots where the users of the forum are in the world. It is isn't nesscessary, just a little add-on.
T hasn't put it back online yet, provided she is going to put it online.

08-08-06, 04:43 pm
I haven't updated that add-on yet since the upgrade. I will try to get to it in the next couple of days.

08-08-06, 05:42 pm
Ah, ok. Thanks for the info!